We are on our way!/We are there!

Well….. Guess who dropped a right clanger (no guessing, obviously it was me)

I must apologise to my reader or possibly reader(s) there might be 5 of you by now?

Anyway, due to circumstances well within my control, all the holiday posts from the 16th December onwards, have disappeared! They will re-appear gradually and will look slightly different but the positive side is……… you get to trawl through them all again (is that a positive thing?)

Me and Al got dropped off at Newark Station by our Ells and throughout the train journey down to London Town I proceeded to eat my own body weight in expensive M&S nibbles, a theme that would continue for the next week and a half (I now know that to be a fact) …………….. I blame TimTams!

We eventually arrived at our hotel and awaited the arrival of the rest of the gang, Lou, Chris and Beth travelling from Leeds via York and Ryan and Kev arriving via ‘Uber’ later on. Our Ange was having a night at Dale and Julia’s before meeting us at the airport in the morning.

My first laugh (at Christians expense) was when I walked down the road to meet them all off the bus, I said, just for a laugh “bit of a tense journey?” and instead of them just laughing, they all looked at one another like ‘how does he know?’ Lou said ‘Don’t tell Mum’ (I obviously broke my neck to tell her at the earliest opportunity)

To cut a long story short and save you some pain, they got off the train in York, went for the lift and luckily it was full and they didn’t get on. Suddenly Chris’s face dropped and Lou took one look at him and shouted ‘What! What!’

The rucksack with Alison’s new MacBook Air was still on the train!! Like a woman possessed, Lou took off, screaming to the platform staff not to let the train move, dived on the train and rushed the wrong way towards carriage C, dived back onto the platform shouting ‘Carriage C.. Carriage C eventually diving on, grabbing the bag, diving off again as the whistle was blown and the doors shut…………. Chris hadn’t budged an inch.

How I larrffffed.

We all had a few drinkies and a good kip then it was off to the airport, met our Ange, Dale and Julia and it was a quick farewell and off we jolly well went.

The flight was long and uneventful apart from a fog delay followed by a mad dash to another gate in Kuala Lumpur so we could get our connection (no time to get duty frees)

When we landed there was no stopping our Ange who was itching to get through to see the Oz Umphs, especially the kidless me thinks.

It was so lovely and emotional to see their chops, Milly made Al’s day by whispering ‘this is the best day of my life’ 

We were a bit worried how little Enna would react to us as the last time we saw her, she was literally a few days old, we needn’t have worried, she ran and threw her arms around Alison and has took to us all like a duck to water.

We arrived at our amazing rental place, few beers and then it was a case of crashing out ready for our adventure to begin.


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