Training, Walking and Eating

Well, our home scales weighed about 4lb lighter than they should have, that pissed me right off!(sorry)

Had a really good start to the week, walked every night with Beau (the pooch) and went circuit training on Tuesday and Friday (still half kills me every time) haven’t got the hang of exercising and breathing at the same time)

Drum roll please dddddrdrdrrrrrrdddddrrrddddddddrrrrrrrrrr

Start weight on Saturday 2nd Jan 232lb which equates to a jar dropping 16St 8lb (I should be 7ft 6in)

First weigh in on Friday 12th Jan, even bigger drum roll dddddddrddrrrrrdrdrrrrrrrr

In 10 days, lost a total of 7.8lb now weighing 224.2lb (16st 0.2lb)

And now for the painful bit, for before and after pics, you have to have the before pics first!

I do apologise to all my viewers (Me)….. and now, maybe a few MiniMins losers (I mean that in a nice way)

Start Weight 232lb

Week 1        224.2lb

Week 2       219.8


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