The truly amazing ‘Fraser Island’

We had booked the ‘Uber’ from Shaun and Alison’s, bright and early and arrived at the bus station in plenty of time. A few chunky looking four wheel drive busses and whizzed by with happy looking people inside and we couldn’t wait for our turn to board. Lou set off to find the correct bus stop and was soon waving to us all to join her. We were all looking forward to a few hours kip on the bus, especially Beth who had pulled an all nighter finishing off her Uni assignment which had been duly emailed about an hour before we left in the Uber. 

Bus stop 63 check………. no bus! But what stood there in the place where we thought a bus should have stood were 2 Crocodile Dundee looking dudes (Our driver, Martin and the other driver. Steve) and two dusty off white battered looking landrovers. Reading Alison’s and Beth’s faces couldn’t be described as ‘oh goody. a more natural mode of transport!’

With us 5 encamped on the two sideways facing benches with lap belts  and an elderly German chap in the comfy co- pilot’s seat, we’ll call him ‘Herman’ we set off. I would have taken the co-pilot’s seat but there was a bloody towel on it! 

After about an hour and a half”s driving we stopped at Mooloolaba to pick up a lovely Japonese couple, the bloke could speak no English but the lovely lady who was about 4ft tall at a stretch, spoke very good English with an American accent that she had learnt from watching tv.  She proved to be so entertaining as we hit the bumpy roads and sandy tracks of Fraser Island with chants of ‘again, again’ echoing round the landrover. We arrived at camp and as we were the first there we had pick of the best tents and mattresses. Tent with a pole in the middle were 2 man tents ( me and Al) tents with no pole were 3 man tents (Chris, Lou and Beth)

After a quick bite we all set off on an hours landrover ride across the beach and on to Lake McKenzie via some very bumpy and enjoyable roads, expertly driven by our driver/guide Martin. The walk to the lake was about 20 mins through beautiful rain forest but even though the weather wasn’t fantastically sunny, the lake itself was breathtaking.

We eventually returned to camp and a huge BBQ was the order of the day accompanied by drinkies and a bit of star gazing on the beach, taking care to stick together, scanning for Dingo’s. Earlier on we had come across a single young Dingo eating what looked like some sort of shell fish an the beach and later on, just before we turned off of the beach into our camp, we spotted a female and a young cub scampering up the dunes  

The following day was an early start, visit to a lump of rotting steel on the beach which everyone seemed to find interesting? then a small walk along a boardwalk before floating back down to the beach via a slow moving fresh water lazy river ( so refreshing)

Our final activity of the day involved leaving the two land-rovers and the drivers to have a 40 min kip as we all walked slightly up hill, through the rain forest until we came to some amazing sand dunes in the middle of nowhere and sat in the middle of the dunes was Lake Wabby, a unique ‘Perched Lake’

The hot sticky 40 min walk was definitely well worth it, fatally different to Lake McKenzie but just as mind blowing for different reasons. After a 20 min dip and another 40 min walk back, we set off back along the beach so we could get the ferry back across to ‘stralia’ and leave beautiful Fraser Island.

Martin had been very animated rushing us to get into the landrover as the other one had left already and we were late. Beth and Laura were the first ones to notice how fast Martin was pushing the landrover as we clung on for dear life listening to the high pitched shouts from the lovely Jalonese lady. We all couldn’t help notice how close the sea was to our left as we raced along the beach towards the ferry waiting area.

Finally, the ferry was in site, heading out to sea, we had missed it and between our section of beach and the section of beach where the ferry had just left was sea, the tide had best us!

As a group of drivers stood round scratching their heads, Martin decided to make his own way off the beach for 100 yards and then back onto the beach again to where the ferry had just left. After one failed run up with a lot of bouncing around in the back, we made it and were soon followed by more land rovers who would be getting the ferry with us..

A half hour topping up of the tan was followed by our second and final ferry trip that msrked the end of our amazing visit to Fraser Island.



Frazor Island
Frazor Island
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