The Return Journey……….. and back home.

One I had left our Al and set off there wasn’t much chance of decent wifi so not really concentrated on the blog, just didn’t seem the same now our brill trip was drawing to and end.
I knew that I was going to reverse the route that I had done on the way down as far as calling at – again but was unsure from there apart from avoiding France and the toll roads. Eventually a kind soul answered my question on the MMM Forum and it worked a treat.
Eventually left and headed for Stuttgart then cheap fuel at Luxembourg on the motorway just before the Belgium border. Then it was up towards Brussels but bearing off north west towards Calais.

Ended up doing a marathon drive from Fussen and covered 450+ miles which was well worth it as it gave me plenty of time once I arrived in France.
Stayed at what I thought was a safe aire at Gravelines but since heard that friends of ours (Mark and Clare) had their bike knicked right at the start of their hols. What a horrible start to your hols, bloody low life froggies!!

Spoke to an english chap at Gravelines and he had just caught 5 big flat fish (not a clue what they were, but you can eat them)He was going so he gave me his lug worm bait and tols me to wait until the tide was coming in and I should be ok.
Set up the rod at about 2 in the afternoon, went for a walk and a bike ride and the tide was still out, eventually sat up reading and having a beer and the tide still didn’t come in, gave up at 11.30 so no fish this hols 🙂

Woke up to thick fog and it just continued for most of the day.

Did a mammoth booze run just before getting on the ferry and now sat at the front of the ferry watching it plough slowly into the oncoming fog!!


Actually got off the ferry about last apart from about 20 cars!!

Was worried about hold ups at Dartford Crossing but sailed through until they shut the A14!!! Anyway, long story short, took 5 hours, back just before midnight, normal service resumed…. pi$$ing down!!

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