The Khmer Temples

This must be one of the best days of our wondrous trip, rivalling the posh hotel, hospitality, friendliness and general atmosphere of Phi Phi. Even though totally different places, would be hard pushed to pick a favourite.

Where to start? Firstly, I will have to add in names of temples at a later date as apart from Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and the Tomb Raider Temple I have no idea of the names of all the amazing temples we visited….  Here Goes…………….

Got up at 4.30 as we were being picked up by a Tuk Tuk at 5.00 so we could travel to Angkor Wat to witness the amazing sunrise as it appeared over the temple! We got a prime spot next to Margaret from the USA  and waited along with about 700 to a thousand other people for the sun to make its appearance. It gradually got lighter and lighter (see photos on smugmug) and lighter still and then to everyone’s surprise………. aolutely nothing happened!! The sun was hidden by thick cloud and slowly everyone started to leave all the prime spots to go and explore the amazing temple ( Margaret was not happy) as me and Al walked towards the temple, over to the the right a bright orange sun appeared, I ran back to the “prime spot” only to realise that you couldn’t now see the sun from there and in fact the new “prime spot” was the exact place where Alison was stood as I raced off for the perfect picture!!!

It is very hard to explain the effect that Angkor Wat has over you, it is mystical and gives off a suspense of ancient long past history, at times it seems as though there has been some sort of mini earthquake and everyone has just recently fled the chaos. Personally, I think the photos give you a good idea of the place but do not do it justice.

We returned to the hotel for breakfast before then boarding the Tuk Tuk for Angkor Thom and the  Bayon, the Bayon rivlled Angkor Wat in its spectacular appearance but each one was hard to compare as each had its own unique appeal.

We then decided to return to the hotel and cool down before visiting  the Tomb Raider Temple (will add name later) then go on to watch the sunset from another temple (will add that name later as well)

The main reason for visiting the hotel was quite simply…… I forgot to charge the camera battery and it was flat!! Luckily Al laughed it off and didn’t call me a incompetent TWAT! Turned out to be for the best as we had a dip for an hour before continuing on the tour.

We then arrived at the Tomb Raider famed temple, it was astounding, the huge trees gave it an added feeling of extreme age and for some reason the whole site seemed to be looked after far better than the others a with some thought being put in has how to preserve everything for future generations which was something that seemed lacking in the other sites.

The last call of the long day was to climb a mountain (not long, about 15 mins) to witness the glorious sunset!

Not going to go on about it as the pics are on Smugmug….. But, the sun sank lower and lower and we really had a prime spot as we had been there for an hour. When the sun reached what seemed like about 5 inches from the horizon from where we were sat, it simply disappeared behind clouds and about 400 people just started walking back down the mountain!

we got back to the room, had a couple of drinkies and went straight out to a restaurant called the Khymer Kitchen which was recommended to us by the Tuk Tuk driver. I had one of the best non spicy chicken curries ever and Al had a Chicken dish, by this time we were pooped so it was back to the hostel and bed!!

What an amazing day, the photos are downloading as I type this, Al asleep. No appologies for the amount of temple pics, they were great!

Tomorrow morning (I think) it’s the floating villages?





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