The Great Ocean Road —- on our way! Amazing!!

Not a clue where I got to in the blog, was going to post individual days but then thought sod that for a game of soldiers.

I will now go back a bit and fill in some gaps….. As probably mentioned previously, had planned to set off early from Dan and Sheena’s but actually set off at about eleven!
Had a minor rumble in the jungle just around the corner from Dan’s as I was fannying about trying to get the iPod radio thing to work, eventually got it working and order was restored to the sound of Adele blaring out as we headed out.
Eight hours later and several driver changes later we pulled into a campsite for the night, showered, changed and refreshed, when I say changed, I actually mean, changed my tee shirt to match my Orange/Salmony coloured swimming shorts.
The following morning we were surprised to find that when we cranked up the sat nav, we still had just under 4 hours driving left to get to Torquay!
All the way down past Melbourne, we were scanning the roadside for Wallabies, Kangeroos and Koalas, but no joy.
4 ish hours later we rolled into Torquay, found a perfect free parking spot had a ham salad and nibbles lunch and within half an hour was on the beach. To be honest, it was packed and could have been any packed beach on a hot day, how the views and scenery would change!


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