The Covid 19 Escape – France 2020

We were not 100% sure that we were doing the right thing. We needed a holiday and had considered Cornwall but a combination of space, everyone seemingly flocking there and the locals not wanting us, we opted for the wide open spaces of France.

Got the ferry at 5.00am and we were only one of two campervans boarding so we got a bit worried whether or not we had done the right thing? We needn’t have worried, 95% of the passengers were isolating and wearing the compulsory masks, a few knob heads not bothering but they were getting told by the staff to get them on and were being supplied with them.

Fast forward to 5.00pm and several miles and several stops under our belt we found ourselves at a little Cider Farm that is part of France Passion farme La Butte.

By 6.00pm we had discovered the overnight stay was free but having had a quick tour of the farm it was only polite to by a crate of 6 local sweet cider bottles!

This place was so remote, one German Van with a couple who had retired and were not going home. One French van with a couple who were very happy to play with Beau and me and arr Al, that was it. Oh yea and a couple of Donkey’s and their foal.

Plan tomorrow, up at whenever o’clock and meander the final 60 miles ish to ur campsite for dinner time.

For all my readers out there (me) let’s hope and pray it’s not another ‘Le Mablethorpe’ (Photos to follow) 🙂

Just followed the sat nav, a def re visit if heading West from Calais.
Thought they were old cases till I heard the buzzing!
All home made Hives, worked a treat.

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