The Cameron Highlands and bus to Penang

Things got off to a good start, managed to book our bus straight away to Penang in two days time.
Had been talking to an American called Marty on the bus but he soon zipped off when the bus pulled in, me and Al decided to recoup our whits outside Starbucks when Marty walked past, said Hi and told us of this place for 25 ringits per night just down the road (£5)
Off I set, leaving Al talking to a couple and clutching her Capaccino and carrot cake as I scouted it out. (You can feel that something is going to go wrong, well I won’t disappoint!!)
I stuck my head in the door of the room, double bed, check, bog, check, shower, check, .25 ringitts, check. Reported back to Al and we were off.
Entered the room, Al’s face was a picture, on closer inspection, the bed clothes were dirty and grey with things hopping about, the toilet was disgusting and what I took for a shower curtain was in fact a curtain for the filthy window!! (Why did I not notice this, the first time around??……. 25 ringitts!!)

To cut a long drawn out story very short, we found a really good room, ensuite shower and clean bedding for £13 per night!!
Got sorted and went straight out, looking for the place that Keely, Holly and Lou had been to, three years previously where they served a variety of curry choices on a banana leaf, found it, took the photos, it was delicious.

The following morning it was take a trip time and we had planned to visit the glass fronted tea room also visited by Kee & Lou but it was shut on a Monday!!
We boarded our landrover for our trip along with 5 Vietnamese and 1 Italian who were all 26 and had met at Uni, they all spoke perfect English and they all livened up the trip.
Our guide ‘Adnan’ made the trip memorable as he told us himself, he was one of the top ten knowledgable trip advisor’s and aimed to be No 1″visit my Facebook site and add me on lonely planet”
We visited the top of the Cameron Highlands, explored the jungle areas where he told us all about the plants and their medicinal properties, climbed a tower and visited a butterfly park and viewed the amazing tea plantation which is the biggest in South East Asia and is owned by the British.
Adnan couldn’t say enough about us Brits, without them, there would have been no communication between the Indian and Chinese immigrants that arrived in the Cameron Highlands and also no easy way of actually getting there if it wasn’t for the roads they built (bit like the Romans but windier)
Al exchanged emails with one of the young un’s because when you are a free spirit (must get those tattoo’s) like me and Al, that’s the sort of thing you do, just going with the flow…….. man 🙂

We then hired a moped for 20 ringit’s, (rob dogs) and visited two strawberry farms and had a zip around the general area for two and a half hours (yes, Kee, we wore full leathers a full face helmet and stayed at 20mph throughout)

Once we had returned to the room, packed all our stuff ready for Penang in the morning, we went back to the same restaurant where we had had the lovely banana leaf food selection and had a chicken n rice in a clay pot, Tandori Mutton and Alloh Ghabi and 2 big Tiger beers, scrummy!

The following morning we had time for breakie, rice, sardines, green beans, cucumber and 2 other things that tasted nice but not a clue what they were? Al had Banana n chocolate muffin and Capaccino from Starbucks! 🙂

Now truly up to date as we bounce along on the six hour journey to Penang, no sign of a swamping crisis yet as we are only an hour and a half into the journey, typing this is making me feel a bit bilious though and missing some good views, Al asleep, roll on Penang! 🙂

3 hours in… Al getting on my tits, eating strawberry flavoured chocolate that tastes like cooking chocolate! Bus been stood for 20 mins in traffic, Al won’t play any games, it’s lke being sat together from Edwinstowe to Cumbria and back…. GOD HELP US!!

Not held up for long, arrived at the main bus station but had to get another bus to George Town, didn’t have correct change so an American backpacker helped us out and paid the 4 ringit.

Hadn’t booked anywhere so wasn’t sure where to go, will book the first night in future so we have somewhere to head for. Finally got somewhere for £13 but not too good so will look elsewhere for tomorrow, does have wifi though.
Time is now just gone 5 pm and its a quick change and off out, will update later.

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