The build up to New Year/New Year!

Once we had all got over our surprise reunion we left Sheena and Ena to get some much needed sleep and headed off to the Curl Curl Beach to meet two of Dan and Sheena’s friends, Abby and Keith, spent the day swimming, body boarding and relaxing before coming back where Dan created our first amazing ozzy bbq. Me and Al nearly fell asleep at the table and eventually made our way to the camper and zonked out for the night.

The following day was again spent visiting Manly Beach and palm beach which was absolutely amazing.

The plan at the moment for the 31st  is to get the ferry from Manly into Sydney have a good look at this amazing place, watch the fireworks at 9 and then Me, Al and Ange plan to watch the fireworks over the bridge and let in the New Year!!

Will update in 2013!

Well…. all went as planned, the fireworks were amazing!!

We got the Manly ferry out to Sydney which gave me and Al our first ever view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Bridge, Ange had seen it before, she’s like a local round here!

Got off the ferry and quickly realised that it was far too hot and far too busy for traipsing around Sydney, we meandered for a few hours and then found a brill place where you could get a pitcher and then go and pay for your own steak and cook it yourself as you preferred on the huge Barbie/Griddle. You could go back as many times as you liked to fill up on salad and side orders but I only managed 3 trips (cutting down for Asia)

Once fed and watered, we decided to go and find a spot on the pavement somewhere as the crowds were growing and they were starting to shut off whole areas once they were full to capacity, we couldn’t get near the opera house or the grassed areas nearby which had fantastic views as apparently they had been filled up and shut off during the morning.

we settled down for the 9 oclock kids fire works and as the clock turned 9… Whoosh, Ker-Bang!! it started to out left, the view of the fireworks were amazing… just behind a huge tree that was stubbornly blocking the way!

All was not last, whoosh, bang, ker-blam weeeeee, fireworks off to our right amazing views, just behind another huge tree to our right! Dohhh!

Finally it was time for the bridge fireworks, we had a brill view and after a full 9 mins it was all over and we only had another 3 hour wait until the big finale.

After about an hours sleep on the floor (photos were taken) it was time for the real deal and it was definitely worth the wait!

Our heads were turning this way and that as all the fireworks were going off in all directions, including from the top of the skyscrapers behind us. The photos that will appear just do not do it justice and the way they made the bridge appear to have a golden firey waterfall was mind blowingly brilliant.

After a thunderously brilliant finale we made our way back to the manly ferry terminal were we hopped on the first ferry back to be greeted by ‘Our Dan’ on the other side, bless his cotton socks. Dan and Milly had had a lovely time at Darling harbour watching the 9 Oclock fireworks and if we had realised that it was only about 15/20 mins walk away we would have joined them but at the time we thought we had got a perfect spot and didn’t take into consideration the perfectly placed trees that didn’t spoil it, but if someone had handed me a chainsaw I would have got busy!

An amazing time, and to think, a week a go I had no idea at all that I would be spending the New Year with my lovely wife in Australia with our Ange and actually seeing our Dan, Sheena, Milly and Ena in this amazing place.

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