Our first couple of days on our amazing trip and surprising the Oz Umphs!

We are here! …. its hot !!!!! Yipeee, going to beach with Dan Milly Ena Ange and our Al x

Ok, where to start, I am going to backtrack a bit and then hopefully keep this blog updated, haven’t wrote in my diary (sorry kidlets) but I will do when in Asia, so I can transfer notes and expand and add pics for the blog.
We sat at heathrow with about 4 hours to spare before we would be boarding and the overall feeling wasn’t excitement, it was a mixture of being nervous and scared all rolled into one and it still didn’t feel real that we were actually going to be seeing the Oz Umphs including Ena (at the time, we didn’t even know if our Sheena was out of the hospital or if they had settled on a name?)

We boarded the huge Airbus 380 and after a really short take off distance, we were off, (excitement kicking in) had a meal, watched ‘The iron Lady’ and a crappy film that I forget the name, then managed to get about 7 hours kip and woke up with only 2 hours to go before we landed.

Once in Singapore airport we were laughing and clicking away with the camera as it looked amazing and it still seemed surreal that we were actually there! Spent so much time wandering that we left it too late to get duty free booze (Dohhh!)

Then it was re-boarding for Sydney! Al seemed to get to sleep pretty early but I made the mistake of watching Forest Gump followed by Madagascar and then Ice Age 3 and with 2 hours left till we landed, couldn’t sleep!

When we finally landed and cleared customs, I kept whispering to Al ‘we’re here’ the early morning start to the day was thick grey cloud, no blue sky and a rather tacky looking airport compared to the luxury of Singapore. (How things would change)

We picked up our little camper and after getting lost several times trying to head north out of Sydney, we finally started on the half hour ish drive to see the Oz Umphrays and our Ange.

Our Al’s premonition/dream/worry that we would open the door and they would say “What the f*@K are you doing here!” did not materialise…. surprise surprise Alisoni, you daft bugger x

We did a drive past of the property and I noticed there was a window open, so someone was in! we parked around the corner and collected our pressies and sneaked up to the front door. Pressed the door bell 3 times, didn’t work, (needs sorting Dan)

We knocked on the door and could hear our Ange and Milly on the other side chatting away, the door opened and our Ange’s face was a picture, it was as though someone had pressed the pause button and Ange looked like a goldfish caught with it’s mouth open, Milly just seemed delighted as we had only Skyped the day before. Once someone had pressed ‘Play’ again we soon discovered that Dan had gone to get Sheena and monkey aka Ena and in proper English tradition, we got the kettle on.

I was thinking that Dan and Sheena would come in the front door and we would see them arrive but as we were having a cuppa it was time for another ‘freeze frame’ and two more goldfish entered the scene from the back door carrying our now named, little ‘Ena’

Laughter and a few tears later we were all having another cuppa and it felt great!



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