Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and the arrival of Shaun and Alison.

This was so worth doing, far better than we could ever have imagined. Me and Chris got kitted up as our Al and lou meandered round Sydney and also walked over the bridge while waiting for us.

The highlights were obviously the amazing views but Chris so nearly became my personal highlight as we approached the apex of the bridge where when you looked down through the steel mesh, you could see 6 lanes of fast moving traffic.

Chris was attached securely to the safety wire and moving naturally just in front of me, suddenly he must have glanced down through the steel walkway and saw the traffic…… he made a sort of moaning/sinking sort of noise and nearly sank to his knees, at his point I was very supportive and was doing my best smash monster impersonation while trying to encourage Chris to keep moving by grabbing is bum, nearly said arse then! 

Chris eventually carried on in a some what jerky twitchy sort of fashion until we had crossed all the lanes of traffic and then he seemed to sort out his walking/shuffling problem?

All continued fine until our decent when I noticed Chris’s knuckles when his hands were wrapped around the ladders were white as he hung on for grim death.

Once we reached the bottom and had unclasped the safety harnesses I asked Chris if he was ok and he replied in a slightly shaky voice ‘I’ve had better days’ Oh how we laarrffed… well, me mostly.

We met back up with our Al and Lou who had had a lovely morning and headed back to the house where an afternoon of chilling round the pool was the order of the day and copious amounts of beer as Alison and Shaun arrived about one ish. Having spent the afternoon gradually supping and listening to Shaun and Ryan take the p#ss out of one another. we knocked up some fish kababs. steak. sausages. Joanies fan potatoes and some scrum my looking salad. 

It was then time for the youngies ( including Shaun) to head out for a night in Manly as Me, Al and Our Ange stayed with Milly and Enna at the ‘big house’

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge
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