Day 17 – St John-Whale Watching

Having had an early night and watching a film about rescuing 3 Whales trapped in the Arctic ice we were ready for our early 06.30 start for Whale watching. (The baby whale died)

It took an hour to get there, passing some amazing views on the way. Then we all got togged up, boarded the boat and we were off.

It took about half an hour to get to the mouth of the cover before we saw our first porpoises.

After that, all of nature seemed to make an appearance with seals, bald eagles Dolphins, Minky Whales all showing up.

A truly fantastic experience, well worth it!

We then returned to the ship, settled on the deck for our sale away with a few beers

Watched the sail away for 20 mins then it was siesta time from about 15.00 till about 18.30 mainly due to me barking like Glip the dog over the last few days but finally feeling a lot better. Woke up and went to see Herman, our favourite barman, in the casino before going for our evening meal. Then visited the casino where I was up about $60 before going to see the risqué comedian at 11.00 who was very good.

It’s now midnight and feel like shite again but mainly because I am tired, Halifax Nova Scotia tomorrow 

Gym at 06.30…. 5 Days till me and Kack are 60 

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