Walks, rides and a swim.

Up at just before 7.00 and went for a walk/run/walk/run/swim/walk, the beach was deserted apart from 3 people walking their dogs and a weird frenchie that looked at me funny? He looked like a blue ‘Where’s Wally’

Ran up and down the beach swice and then at the right hand end, which is the nuddy part of the beach, with not a soul in site, had a good scan of the horizon in all directions and had a lovely swim in the bollacky buff. No pictures to follow, thank me later 🙂

Then had fruit, pan du chocalat and a cuisant for brekkie followed by a punishing bike ride to Cancale (Flat and 2 miles) 🙂

Now sat in the shade at the van while Al bakes and tries to get closer to the colour I normally am.

Finished the day with a final walk, a Thai curry and bunkerd up in the van listening to music on the bluetooth speaker (ta Beth x)

Our socially distanced beach.
French Cornwall
Mussel Farm, round the corner
Beau avin a dip
St Mon Michael in the far distance.

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