Our 2 days in Singapore

Woke up this morning, not a clue where I was for a second, tried to go forwards down the ladder and got stuck about half way down as Alisoni rushed to help me, ( laid in the bottom bunk, laughing, waiting for me to drop!)

Had a nice cuppa and breakfast and then showered and changed we were off to explore.
Just want to add, we had a lovely breakfast which included tea, fruit and toast with strawberry jam and/or green coconut jam, the green was lovely.
The young lass on the counter was really helpful, has gave us a route to explore around the city and explained which bus/tram to take and which parts we can walk.
While she was explaining this to us, I left our secure room key on the side where we had breakfast and a nice man handed it in while we were stood there!! Dohh!

Outside, it was pissing down, and to make matters worse, it was that fine rain that wets you through! Not a clue yet where we are going but the botanical gardens are looking good as well as a spectacular light show tonight, after we have called into Raffles for a Singapore Sling!!!

Just setting off now, 9.15am

Will update later on our first day!! X
Now about 4.00pm and we are back in the air con’d digs just for a shower and change and half an hours chill, doing a quick update before we are off out again.

We managed to follow the directions ok that the helpful young lady on reception had supplied, visited ‘little India’ and then China Town, we had a meal which cost us about a fiver all together, was full but wasn’t 100% sure what it was we actually ate?
Little India was fantastic, loads and loads of little stalls and shops and food markets with every different colour and smell you could possibly imagine.

China Town was a huge area and very busy as loads of people were getting things ready for the Chinese New Year which is next month. Food food food, everywhere you looked, everything
was available from traditional Western type food including Macee dees, plus loads of other fantastic choices such as Viatnamese, Thai, Cambodian and the traditional Singapore offerings.
After that we caught the bus to Harbour Front and wasted about 20 minutes actually looking for the harbour and the sea, but there wasn’t any sea as it was just the name of the huge shopping centre and general area.
After a lot more meandering we caught the free bus back to Orchard Road which is just around the corner from our digs.
Now getting showered and sorted and then off out to Raffles!!!!

The whole place is so relaxed and so very very friendly, we lost count of the amount of people that said to us, when we asked directions, “just follow me, I’m going that way”
One woman on the bus told us in detail how to find China Town and gave us detailed directions where to go for some nice but cheap food and also gave us a small bottle of water each out of her bag. If she’s a buddist then she’s not coming back as a slug or a shit fly!
Off out again…….
We were out again within the hour, we again took the underground (MRT) the wrong way but eventually arrived at Raffles hotel, we were worried that it would be really pretentious and we might struggle to get in but it was lovely, really old english looking with wooden blinds on the windows and even motor driven punka Wallas. We chomped away on all the boxes of free peanuts in their shells and sipped our Singapore slings, people watched and chilled for about an hour.

Then we decided to get a little tut tut or whatever you call it? He decided that traffic was no concern of his and taking his own life and ours, at risk, he sped off towards the harbour front so we could watch the light show. Singapore was all lit up and you truly didn’t know where to look; there was the huge Singapore Flyer which is same as the London Eye only bigger, the huge hotel with a ship on the roof, can’t remember what it was called, there was also the Science buildings all lit up, the famous Lion with water pouring out of its gob (sorry x) and then the wonderful Castle Quay area which was very lively, very expensive but amazing and full of life.

We lasted as long as we could and then got back to the hotel and had drinkies on the roof, I fell asleep on a hammock, it was brill, the wind was blowing just enough to make it sway and I was snoring my head off in no time.

The following morning I felt knackered as I stayed up till about half one and uploaded all our pics to Smugmug, in fact I have a feeling that I have actually written about all this once before but it didn’t save?
We dumped our bags at the backpackers and headed for the Singapore Botany Gardens…. The wrong way and virtually did a whole loop of the underground system to get there…. Was about seven stops on the way back!

I think we both planned to stay at the Gardens for about an hour max, but was just so peaceful and tranquil.

We finally returned to the backpackers, thanked the girls so much for all their help and then it was Kuala Lumpar here we come!
The picture below gives a visual representation of our lunch time just after leaving the gardens.
I took ages looking at menu’s and deciding which various dish I would try, Thai, Indian, Malasian, Cambodian, Western, finally settled on an Indian dish that was made fresh in front of me…. Lovely.

Al made her mind up in seconds, “I’ll have that one” turns out it was number 13!
Al got her’s and by the time I got back to the table, Al was making faces that can only be described as “God! That’s fucking hot” type faces.
Al had gone for the Tom Yam Fried Fish Ban Mian, which should have had a disclaimer next to it saying “unless you don’t mind scalding your clicker and irreversibly damaging your taste buds for life… Do Not Have This!” anyway, to cut a long story shorter, I ate it and Al had mine…. Lost about 3 litres of water in sweat, but it was amazing!!


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