Sea Days 23,24 and back in Southhampton

Even though our amazing cruise was drawing to a close, it didn’t seem like it at the time, the food continued to be amazing, the cycle machine in the gym continued to be used and even more different types of cocktails were sampled while bobbing about in the jacuzzi most afternoons.

We were due to arrive in Southhampton on the morning of the 19th but on the morning of the 17th an announcement over the ships tannoy requested the medical emergency team to attend a cabin on deck 12 and within a few hours it was announced that we would be making as much progress as possible towards Southhampton to get back alongside for the evening of the 18th to disembark on the scheduled time of the 19th.

This was to enable at least 4 people to get the emergency treatment they needed, it had been concidered that we would turn back towards St John to allow the passengers off but we had travelled too far and the weather was not good enough to allow anyone to be taken off by helecopter.

The rumour mill started, as at the same time, we had not heard from the Captain for a number of days which was strange as passengers who had travelled with the present Captain before had reported that he was very chatty.

Having endured the last few days of good company, entertainment, drinkies, zacuzzies, a formal night and more amazing food, we arrived back in Southhampton as planned, hopefully allowing all the passengers who needed emergency treatment to get the help they needed.

We left the ship as early as we could, choosing to take our own cases….. mistake, it about killed us 🙂

But we have learned that if we are lucky enough to go on another cruise in the future, take less and avoid having to stagger off with 3 big suitcases, a large wheeled back pack, 2 small back packs and 4 carrier bags full of Canadian goodies and maple syrup!!!

The trip home was straight forward and our amazing trip drew to a close, a trip that truly astounded us both in so many ways. 🙂

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