After two uneventful flights we arrived at Phuket, Al fell for the look over there, is that a jet… nick the chocolate wafer trick, other than that was straight forward. Asked a few different taxi drivers the price of a taxi to Patong which is about an hour away, all said 800 Bhart but somehow I feel that we got diddled? It’s about 17 quid. Our first major mistake was typing the hotel address into the ipad and not writing it down, showed the taxi chap and he said one minute I will ask, and took it with him! thankfully as all our gear was in his taxi, he came back, a long 2 mins later. The driver speaks little English so just updating this bit of the blog and sitting back and enjoying the view. It’s now nearly half six so its a quick change then out for some ping pong ting tong. Think we are both ready to lay on a beach for a while and maybe do some snorkelling/swimming.
Now arrived at the Allano Phuket Hotel in Patong, looks good!
In fact, it’s bloody amazing, just less than £30 for the room!! (Al Happy)
Now showered and waiting for our Al, not sure where we are going yet but plan to be up early to catch the ferry …. somewhere? (Added photo of Al as proof I actually made a good choice :-))

Also managed to Skype Joanie Baloney today and was lovely to see her chops…… it was like she was sat next door!


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