Phi Phi

The Friday morning found us packed and ready with time to stroll down the streets of Patong where the previous night had been mayhem, the place had been transformed, no rubbish and no sign at all of anyone bearing boards advertising their ping pong ting tong shows.
We had breakie and jumped in the taxi for the harbour ferry in Phuket.
The ferry journey was about 2 hours and me and Al started on the upper deck aft ( naval terminology coming in there) but quickly realised that the best place was on the focsal just fwd of mid ships me hearty (took it a bit too far there)
With the breeze in our faces and the occasional spray from the sea and the sun beating down, we set off for Phi Phi, bit choppy but amazing views!!! ( just did not seem real, even though I was looking out over a clear blue ocean with a deck full of excited backpackers from all nationalities, with our Al)
We arrived at the Phi Phi jetty and there was a bloke from our hotel waiting for us and we had to clamber into a little boat (a long tail) it was like a scene from the start of ‘Enter the Dragon’ only the sea was a bit lumpy! Al said later, after we had arrived at our hotel. That she had been a bit scared but still thought she was ok. It was a bit hairy at times as waves broke over the front end, spraying us all. We jumped on a golf trolley type buggy and they whisked us to reception with a complementary Pinicalada.
We settled into the room, got some drinkies on the balcony where I fed and photographed loads of birds that were making some wonderful noises and looked like a cross between a starlin and a Jackdaw. The surrounding were surreal with quite a strong wind blowing, hot sun, palm trees and clear blue water, it was like de ja vu from the time I was in the Bahamas while in the Navy.
We had a few more drinkies and then went and sat in deck chairs on the beach while the sun went down. It was like a hot July on Skegness beach front, minus all the holiday making tat, markets, donkey shit and mini oil slicks.

We wondered down for a buffet type meal (got my money’s worth again) then sat on the beach with our Mr Phi Phi and Mrs Phi Phi cocktails, I fell asleep and got woke up by Al about .11.30 ish!

We then returned to our rooms where we participated in the best sex that we have ever had, Al was so excited I thought she was going to coofer it!! (That last sentence was added purely to traumatise the kids……. We were asleep In seconds, having had a nice cuppa) 🙂

Not sure of plans tomorrow, probably snorkelling and sunbathing, that reminds me, how is the weather back home ? ? ! ?

It’s now and sun not up yet as it comes up over the hill behind us, had my morning constitutional and turned to see a lizard watching me from next to the sink, not told Al yet as she is still asleep. As I sit here, I can see and hear the sea and feel the slight wind on my face and can truly imagine why people would want to live their lives here, so idyllic.
Now, cuppa tea time, some things don’t change 🙂

Today we decided to go on a round Phi Phi speed boat tour, it left at half one so that gave us plenty of time to just chill before we went, was just about to leave the hut we were in when the phone rang and it was reception informing us that if we wanted a free upgrade to one of the best seafront huts then we needed to pack our things in about 15 mins ( Al was packed before the phone was down) the chap who was moving us turned up and we followed him to our new hut, it was staggeringly brill, both me and Al couldn’t stop grinning at one another, it had an even bigger bed, separate dining and sunbathing balconies and a huge jacuzzi bath. We had to take a video using Al’s iPad as we couldn’t believe what we had been upgraded to!!!!
We then eventually headed towards the place where we were getting the speed boat from, we all clambered in and the driver asked if anyone wanted to sit up front, everyone hesitated so me and Al made a move, it was the best thing we could have done. The speed boat was hitting big waves and skimming across towards each Island with us hanging on for grim death. We spent all the rest of the afternoon visiting all the different islands around Phi Phi and experienced some amazing snorkelling as well, I even convinced Al to have a go and she was so glad she did, wearing a life jacket, flippers and mask she really enjoyed it. ( was dead chuffed for her, so glad she gave it a go)

Our first call once we had bounced along at a cracking speed, was Phi Phi Lay Island and Maya bay, the location of the film ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo de Caprio, it was actually packed with speed boats, long tail boats and tourists but you could still see hoe amazing the place could be especially if empty. After spending half an hour wandering about we got back on the boat and headed for loa SaMah Bay, which had crystal clear water and snorkeling around the place for half an hour was like swimming in a huge magnuified tropical Fish Tank!!

This was then followed by another high speed zip along the sea to Pi leh bay we were had another 40 mins of amazing snorkeling and also had a quick look at an old Viking Cave before again holding on for grim death at the front of the boat as we whizzed along towards the island of phi Phi Don. Once there, we called at Wang Long Bay where we had our packed lunch and just wandered around the stunningly white sands and clear blue sea. About an hour later, another fast trip took us to Monkey Bay where we were able to see Long Tailed Mackack’s coming out of the trees to eat the fruit that was being dished out, there was also more time for snorkeling before moving onto our second from last call which was Nui Baywhere we again had a choice to wander or snorkel or both.

The last call of the amazing day was at about 6.30 where we hoped to get some decent pictures of the sun setting between two islands but even though it looked amazing and we did see tow sea Eagles, it was just too cloudy for the perfect picture.

These beaches were amazing and the fish we saw were also out of this world, added to the fact that we were holding on as much as we could between the islands so as not to get thrown too much out of our seats, it was an amazing experience that we won’t forget in a hurry. I even offed to change places with some Aussies and four Frenchies who were sat at the back of the boat but they weren’t bothered! They don’t know what they missed!!

We got back, knackered, started up the jacuzzi bath and opened the rum and cokes and chilled for an hour before venturing outside this Phi Phi Village area and had what was possibly the best meal we have had so far which was a perfect way to finish a perfect day. It wasn’t mentioned in the resort that it was there but it consisted of a huge bamboo hut, small kitchen, a bar and a few tables and chairs, the lady that owned it, took our order and cooked it all fresh right next to us

It is now ten to one in a morning and have managed to Skype Our Ange, Kee and Lou while photos were downloading onto the blog.
Tomorrow morning We are probably heading for the pool before we have to get our boat at 2.00 pm to Ko Lanta!

It is now 9.30 in the morning, we had breakfast delivered to our hut (you can do that when you have been upgraded!!) all the pictures have been downloaded and I am just going to join our Al by the infinity pool that we didn’t realise was there until about an hour ago!! (Kee mentioned it in an email)

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