Left the hotel and headed straight towards the harbour front where there is part of the ship and two main masts where ages ago, the British landed to fight and win a major battle. (I forget which but will find out)
We walked past some pubs and got suckered into a two for one happy hour offer as the pints were Six quid each, but not one to moan. 😉
We then decided to have a wonder around but call in. Few hotels at the same time and enquire on prices as the place we were at was not conducive! (Bit of a shit hole)
We found a nice hotel for the following night and can dump our bags in the morning so we are free to explore. We asked where we could get some nice food from one of the local hawker stalls and he gave us directions to. Stall where a women has been cooking at the same stall for over 25 years and is well known all over Penang.

We had Chinese flat noodles, bit of chicken, some sort of sauce and a few other bits and bobs plus a drink each, £2 the lot!! It was truly one of the best Chinese meals I have ever had, amazing.
We then made our way back to the digs, got a bit lost but always stayed where there were plenty of people about (that’s for your benefit, Kee!) we ended up getting a taxi for £2 which took us about a Quatre of a mile but was worth it.

It is now 9.00 and we are about to leave for the other hotel.
It is brill, Alisoni happy, just waiting for a taxi tour £24 to cover all the must see places around the Island, later on we are walking around Georgetown as we are within the Heritage Area of Penang and everything is walking distance from our hotel.


The taxi tour was well worth it, visited several temples including a Thai and a Burmese temple plus an absolutely huge temple which is the biggest in South East Asia and is Chinese/Indian, the main statue and the surrounding stonework took 5 years to build as all the material was shipped from China. We also visited a tea and Honey making factory and shop and a coffee and chocolate place where we tried samples of everything! We then got an incline train which came from Switzerland about a year ago and took ten minutes to reach the top, previously it had been half an hour with one change (probably cheaper too :-)) we then called at a factory/shop that made and sold hand made/printed clothing, the hand painted silk sarong’s were amazing but a bit too pricey at over £60 squid and up.
We then finished off with a look at a Pewter Shop which had some amazing jewellery and gifts to be had. Finally back off at the hotel for a refreshing dip before heading out to find another Hawker stall for food and explore nearer to the hotel.

Got a taxi to a well known street called Gurney Drive which was absolutely full of Hawkers cooking their offerings, we settled on several choices, all amazing.
We eventually decided to walk back, keeping to the well lit seafront, unfortunately, three quatres of the way there the pavements disappeared and it was like a game of frogged dodging the traffic…. We will learn eventually!!
We got back to a place right next to the hotel and had a nice cold beer and was serenaded by a Chinese chap with no front teeth, singing Elvis songs very bady, had to take some pics, he could sing about as good as our Ells!!

Now sat in the hotel foyer looking for a place to stay in phuket and writing this at 11 at night.
Got a bottle of Vodka and coke and a copy of the lonely planet and 5 Chinese lads have just come in pissed and one of them just can’t stand up, tried to video them with the iPad but wasn’t sure how without making it obvious.

Now 20 too one and a lovely hotel has been booked in Patong for one night, should have been £78 paid 29! Bargain, going to bed now, Al just woke up, panicked at where I was and came down, night all x

We got up quite early this morning as breakfast was included….. got my monies worth but felt a bit bilious later on, packed our bags and stored them at reception and barted with one of the trishaw push bikes for an hours sightseeing around the Heritage area. The taxi driver, Hassan who took us on the tour, also took us to the airport and bought us a little momento of Penang, bless him, (also overcharged us by £3) We are now waiting for flights to Kuala Lumpur and on to Phuket.

Me and Al


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