Palm Beach, Big Shop, BBQ and Sydney Visit

Had planned to get up and do our ‘Big Shop’ first thing but the weather was soooo good we headed for a place we had first visited 4 years ago, ‘Palm Beach’ We just had to visit the ‘Bible Garden’ on the way there, it is a piece of land that if built on, would be worth millions, it has been saved purely as a peaceful place to visit with an absolutely amazing view of ‘Palm Beach’ (the beach where neighbours is filmed)

Once at the Palm Beach we went to a brilliant cafe called the Boat Shed where we all tucked into some delicious grub and a had few beers and a dip in the sea. This was followed by our first ‘Big Shop’ which we were all excited about but our excitement soon dissipated as the jet lag started to kick in.

Big shop unloaded, we all set off for Manly to get the ferry into Sydney, even though me and Al have seen it before, the sight of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge appearing as we rounded the corner towards the harbour, remains amazing!

A good meander around Sydney was followed by a whole family BBQ, several beers and an early – ish night trying to throw off this dreaded jet lag.

Palm Beach, Big Shop, BBQ and Sydney Visit
Palm Beach, Big Shop, BBQ and Sydney Visit
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