Our first few days on the Great Ocean Road!

 We fell asleep on Torquay beach and weren’t that impressed even though the weather was amazing and the sea was warm, had lunch in the van and late afternoon eventually set off for a lovely place called Lorne, still no idea where we were going to stay as we had previously phoned round and no room in the inn!
Arrived in Lorne, got some food (40 dollars, ripping off Aussie Twats!) then another Ozzy who wasn’t a twat, told us of a place where we could pull up the van to sleep which was about 4 km out of town. Found the place and shared it with another van owned by a dreadlocked hippy and his girlfriend. He knocked on our door about half an hour later and asked to borrow a cork screw (nice young man) thought it was the police!
Went to sleep to the sound of a digereedoo and a guitar, amazing!
Then decided to get up early and drive all the way to Port Cambell and the 12 Appostles!
It took us a lot longer than we thought as we just had to stop on a regular basis and take pictures, the views were truly gob smacking (have used amazing too much)
Now all up to date, had a shave, not bothered getting changed, (Al didn’t mention it) cleaned the new pickle stabbed on a plate and we were off!
Still no viewings of living Koala families or Kangeroos!
The 12 Apostles or possibly 6 and a half Apostles are amazing, will post some pictures later on, the whole area is so beautiful, we really wish the temperature had been 10 degrees colder as we just could not stay out in it for too long.
Port Campbell itself is pretty but doesn’t compare to the 12 Appostles, if you could have gotten onto the beach we would have probably grabbed some shade there. Alisoni actually got up to her waste in the sea but this really hot weather seems to make the water seem colder today. Not sure of our plans next, other than we will start heading back along the ‘Great Ocean Road’ back towards Melbourne way. X
We actually had something to eat in Port Campbell and a drinkie in their air conditioned bar, when we came out the heat was unbearable (41 degrees) so we headed back towards and past the 12 Appostles. We turned off randomly and followed a sign for Johanna Beach, when we got there, about 5 km off of Great Ocean Road, it was free camping just off of the beach with about 15 or 20 other vans and tents.
We went to the beach, ran across the sand because it was so hot and I spent half an our jumping through waves that were about 3 times bigger than me!
We would have stayed there but our Al was feeling really ill, possibly too much sun bless her,     she was a bit sick and there was no showers where we were so we decided to head off for a proper campsite. Alisoni had a couple of hours kip and a hot shower and felt a lot better (didn’t tell you Al was ill,  Kee, you would have scrambled the coast guard, all other emergency services and probably have flown out muttering something about Australian Denghi Fever!)
I am now truly up to date as Beth has just text to say Koalas can be vicious and to make sure they don’t rip my face off!
Now at Apollo bay campsite with no hook up and a shite view but only $45!  but our Al got a shower!  Could have camped about 15 km away for nowt and seen some Koalas but I’m not one to moan!  X


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