Our final Journey of our amazing trip! Bangkok then home.

Now on our way to Bangkok and Kohsan Road, traveling in a taxi, not a clue where I got up to with the blog but will try and backtrack a bit.

We arrived in Bangkok after the taxi driver must have covered most of it trying to find the hotel where we could leave our bags  on Kohsan Road which is the backpackers Mecca of Bangkok, the taxi eventually dropped usoff at the hotel and we just had to tip him, he was so flustered and appologetic.
Turned out we couldn’t leave them there! so they directed us to another hotel 5 mins walk away, we arrived there and couldn’t leave them there either, felt like we were involved in a Thai version of tourist Ping Pong without the ladies of the night or lady boys!
We eventually found an information centre/travel agent who let us leave our bags and sorted out the taxi to the airport for later.
We then set off to buy some totally authentic Mac makeup for the girlies (Kee. Lou & Beth)  and a bit of something for the boyies (RyeRye and Lumey Pie)
After traipsing around Platinum Market which consisted of about 6 levels of shops split into 3 separate areas, Zone 1, 2 and 3. We then made our way back to Kohsang Road and traipsed around there until eventually settling in a bar for a few drinkies.
It was very entertaining people watching and rebuffing all the touts selling tat as we sat outside the bar having a beer. Kohsang Road is absolutely crazy, and we loved it, its one of those places that when you visit, you just wish you had a few more days available to explore…. or maybe we just knew it was our last day!?!
At one point Al went and had her nails and toes done for 250 Baht ( we got ripped off on Jomein Beach, cost us 1000Baht for two of us!!) then again, it was a full pedacure and my feet never felt so good!
We then meandered back to the travel agents only to discover all our bags had gone!!! and the place was shut!……..
Only joking! Picked all the bags up and walked a hundred yards around the corner to get a cheaper taxi. Al did buy some trinkets and I think we got our head around this bartering malarki even if it was the last day!!
Up to date now, taxi driver driving like he’s off to the hospital and his wife’s in labour!! Al is sat next to me gripping my arm with a vice like grip and we have just put our seat belts on (twenty mins into the journey!) Personally, I’m just not looking up until we get there, if we get there!?!?!?!
Managed to arrive at Bangkok airport on time, Al got showered and changed and we now have about 2 hours till we leave!
The flight was straightforward and uneventful, thank f*^k! Watched a french movie with English subtitles called the Intouchables, based on a true story about a man paralysed in in a parachute accident who hires a black kid from the rough ghettos to be his helper, best film I’ve seen for ages.
Then managed to get about 6 or 7 hours kip before waking up and watching ‘Ted’ just managed to see the end before we did the smoothest, softest touch down of the whole trip.

The temperature when we left the plane was 2 degrees! Even though we knew it was cold, it was still a shock to the system. Our Lou was waiting for us at arrivals and after a few seconds posing to show off our tans, we headed for the car, managed to lose Lou in about 2 mins as she got out of the lift and it descended back down with me and Al just stood there like a pair of lemons (I blame jet lag)

Actually, I felt ok, so decided to drive home via a service station for a ‘Full English!’ Arrived back to be greeted by our lovely border collie, Beau and her brother and next door neighbour, Rex.

Think Beau was a bit peeved, if dogs can get peeved, as after the initial excitement she went and lay down in the hall out of the way, that’s what she does if she is unsure about things. It took a walk on our normal circuit, a few sticks thrown in the river, a dash round with a brown collie that we sometimes meet and normal service was resumed.

Fast forward to 06.00 on Sunday 10th February, me and Al have been awake for over 2 hours and having thrown an old cover on the bed, Beau is fast asleep with her paw around me (joking about the paw bit) sleeping at bottom of the bed. We have been reading Lee and Nic’s travel blog as hopefully it will ive us some more tips and ideas for our next venture. We met Lee and Nic about 6 or 7 weeks into their year out which is something we may do sometime in the future if poss???

Their blog is here for anyone who wants a gander.      http://mountytours.com/

Plan for today, big Sunday roast, and hopefully visiting family and friends so they can tell us we look ‘Well in ourselves’

So apart from adding descriptions to some photos on Smugmug this is my last “Trip of a lifetime” post.

Somehow I think, got up, had a shower, washed the pots, walked the dog, got ready for work etc etc just hasn’t got the same appeal?

Wanted to finish off by saying to all our readers (about 10 max) if it wasn’t for Alison, this amazing trip would never have happened, it would have remained something you only daydream about doing, it was truly an amazing experience that we won’t forget. Only added 2433 photos to the Smugmug site, just got a few more to add, then done 🙂

Lou took this picture as we arrived back and thought it would a nice way of finishing off this ‘Trip of a lifetime’ Blog


Love you very much, Alison Wild, where are we going next!?!

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