Our Days in Kuala Lumpur

Walked to Patronas Towers this morning to get a ticket, you have to que at 7 am to get a ticket on the day and it was all booked up, one of us will have to get up early in the morning!!
The pic below is the view of the towers from our swimming pool, we are about in line so can’t see both towers. We are now just chilling by the pool until it cools down a bit then going up a different tower and then something to eat in China Town, my limit is £3 so should get a feast! Will update again after we have been out and about. The pictures below are of Al just before she went for an actual dip (got pictures to prove it) and the view of Patronas Towers from our pool.

When we eventually forced ourselves to leave the pool we walked to KL Tower and went to the top where we got a good Birdseye view of this huge city. We would have liked to have gone up the Patronas Twin Towers but on our first morning the viewing tickets had all sold out and we just didn’t have the time on our last day as we are travelling to the Cameron Highlands!

We then had a mooch about before getting a taxi to China Town which was amazing, so much more activity and so busy and authentic looking compared to the Singapore version. We had some excellent food for about £10 ( expensive, I know Kee, but was too hot to go and find a street vendor) we then made our way back to the hotel for a chill and a swim.

As we were in the room, we managed to Skype all the Kidlets apart from Lou (she was having a come dine with me) it was really nice to see them although before we spoke to them we felt really chilled and relaxed about our forthcoming adventures, after all the Kidlets, and I mean ‘All The Kidlets’ gave us their own messages of be safe, don’t except drinks from strangers, don’t go to any private ping pong ting tong parties (that was Kee’s) we felt less confident…. Cheers! X

Later on, had a walk down towards Patronas Twin Towers and got some really good pics of the towers, the whole place seemed to have changed, it was so busy with people zipping here and there, and the traffic! Ollerton roundabout has nothing on this place!

After a good kip, we packed all our stuff up, managed to book a bus to Cameron Highlands, even though Kee had lectured us on Skype the previous evening about doing it NOW! 🙂

To be truthful me and Al are so laid back now, Al is going to get dreadlocks and I’m getting a tattoo of some eyes on my arse!!

Now truly up to date, just about to leave for the bus to the Cameron Highlands!!

Ps. Found some Oreos (they tasted like the real thing!!

We hauled our bags into a taxi and the nice young man was telling us that he was learning key taxi phrases in Russion, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and a few others because if he can speak their language when he says “taxi, Mate?” he can attract more customers. we felt obliged to inform him that if he got someone looking for a taxi from the Mansfield area, “Alreet mi Duck” was bound to get them in his taxi! he practised all the way to the station and eventually we had to settle on Alreet mi ducks” which was close enough, he dropped us off at the KL Sentral bus station which had been confirmed by the hotel as the correct place to get the bus…. Wrong, the information place told me the correct place to get the bus and I wrote it down on a bit of paper so as not to get it wrong …. Again!
Went outside to the taxi driver, shows him the paper and explained we were going to the Cameron Highlands and he said “No no no, it is a station about ten minutes away, and extra 5 ringits (was he taking the piss?) we jumped in and sped off and duly arrived at the bus station, curb crawled around the bus station like Jimmy Saville around the BBC but no bus to the Cameron Highlands! ( he was taking the piss!)
After a quick phone call we were off to our fourth and thankfully correct station, we arrived with 4 mins to spare, a nice bloke grabbed one rucksack, another lovely Down syndrome lad grabbed the other one and gave us both a cuddle (added bonus :-))
We took off at a run, me thinking we might lose them! We got tickets, threw the bags on the bus, tipped them 5 ringers each and we were off,
As we left the bus station, we could see our hotel on the left! !

An hour and a half into the £7, 4 and a half hour journey on this really plush, spacious air conditioned bus (not joking) I was dying for a wee and couldn’t shout in Malaysian ” I if you don’t stop this but, you’re going to have a major swamp situation on seat 16!!

The bus soon stopped, much to my relief, the next three hours were spend on the windiest, hair pinned ever climbing road I have ever been on but with some absolutely wonderful breathtaking views.
Next stop Cameron Highlands!





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