Our Al’s here…… Walk to Split.

Got a bus into Split and then the shuttle bus to the airport, was dead organised, made a sign and everything!!

In no time at all we were sat round the corner from the van in a little beachside cafe enjoying a cuppa having met KnC.

First day spent chilling, bit of swimming, bit of Kayaking, bit of ‘doin nowt’

All rounded off with a few drinkies and a lovely chicken dinner cooked by KnC xx

**Will update later**

The following day it was decided to get the bus into Split for a gander but just missed a bus so decided to walk the 4 miles in. It was probably less but we did a bit of wandering on mountain goat like tracks towards the beach before we got back on track.

The ‘old’ part of Split was a welcome treat but the jury is out on the rest of Split at the moment as it is a bit too commercialised and geared to tourism as opposed to a more sleepy tranquil place that we imagined, still definitely worth a visit.

Got back and had a lovely BBQ, minted burgers, sausages, lamb chops, cheese and garlic, salad, the works 🙂

Obviously the beer/wine flowed and as we prepared for beddy byes our immediate Austrian neighbour hammered on his own caravan, opened his window and shouted ‘too loud, shizer Englanders’

I think it was some sort of strange Austrian tradition but no absolutely sure?

Al was doing her ablutions, Christine made a quick gettaway, I said nowt and Keith whispered ssshhhh keep quiet, which for some strange reason enraged our neighbour a little more?

Overall…… a lovely day.


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