Our 9 Days in France in Audrey

Well, we were originally heading for the Dordogne but the realisation of exactly how many miles we would have been covering plus the amount of hours needed to get there meant a last minute switch to Brittany with fingers crossed that the weather would be kind.

Got to ferry early to get on an earlier ferry, had booked Calais – Dover and not Dover – Calais!! 😳😳

In my defence, 3 other people had been to the P and O ferry desk with the same problem that very same night. Possible scam? (or I f*cked up)

Anyway, we’ll gloss over that episode, we were very soon parked up at a lovely Aire about 80 miles from Calais at about 4.00am, well on the way to our first stop which was going to be Honfleur.

Lunchtime the following day found us parked up on the Honfleur Aire with only 3 places left ( they were coming in, in droves behind us!) Had a lovely afternoon/ evening/night at Honfleur before heading for our next destination in Brittany which would be St Cast de Guildo.

Having topped up with food (Lidl) petrol and water, we were on our way by 10.am.

En route we hadn’t realised that we actually passed St Mon Michael and having only glanced at it about 11 years ago, decided to take a closer look. Very interesting as well as being able to stay over. Paid 17 1/2 euros for the privilege and for a change no motor home services apart from being able to use the posh toilets at the information centre.

The following morning we had an early start, heading for Cast de Guildo, an aire we had visited 11 years ago, I hadn’t a clue but even though the blue camping car sign had disappeared from the main road, Al’s eagle eye (she only has one) spotted the view point sign that lead to the Aire (well done our Al) 😀

We spent two nights at this lovely Aire overlooking the sea and our activities were taken up by a mixture of cycling, walking, drinking, eating and just chilling. (normal stuff)

We then headed for another Aire we had also visited 11 years ago, overlooking the marina.

Decided to have a meal out here concisting of mussels and frites for our Al and fish of the day for me. I ordered a pint of Stella and Al ordered a glass of white wine. The lager arrived along with the bottle of wine and two glasses 😳 obviously we were too polite to rectify their/our mistake. Bon Appertite.

I/we are up to date now, there is some sort of Moules and Frites Festival later tonight then we plan to move on first thing in the morning or ………. whenever.

Might have to hook up for a while? as it will be our 7th day tomorrow and not had electric or wifi, proper urban camping 😂

Just worked out that a bottle of local Rosé Cider is 6€ (about 2 pints) and a pint of Stella is roughly 5€ …. so cider it is! …….. Praying the swamp fairies don’t visit!

Now Wednesday morning 8.00am, stuck to Stella, so a dry night, unlike the weather! It’s been lashing down for what seems like hours, we are down to our last fridge full of food and 2 cupboards full of goodies, but we should be ok! Al is singing Vera Lynn songs to keep our spirits up and we have sent Pookey out hunting.

Shower ( much needed) tidy up, kick the dog out for a waz, then we are moving on.

Arrived at the Municipal Campsite in D’Arromanches des Baines at about 4 ish, booked two nights with leckie, 19€ per night, not bad. Had a good walk as sky has cleared and plan to bike to the American cemetery tomorrow. Just testing everything electrical at the moment, lit up like a Christmas tree 😳

Weather is lovely so off cycling, ended up going a bit off course (my fault) but visited the Canadian Cenetery and had a good ride then ended up going out for some crepes.
The following morning we decided to book the pooche in to see the vet in Caen and luckily it was just round the corner from the British Cementary which was amazing. Once we had visited the cemetery and got the pooche sorted we decided to head off to a small Aire about 15 miles from Calais to spend our last night and most of the following day before our ferry home.
Will come back to this post as cant remember the name of the aire but a beautiful place and very safe as there were a lot of vans there on the river.

8.30 that night it was bon viargé to France once we had stocked up on wine.
Pictures to follow as I have been a bit crap on this trip so all the places we visited all bunched together.


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