Off to Croatia

Well, at the moment we are sat on the settee at home having just consumed a massive wedge of carrot cake each!!
I am trying to work out how to type this post while offline so that i can continue blogging with no internet connection and then just upload everything when I/we get T’nternet.

The van is nearly ready, just food, and bikes to load and I’m ready to roll.
The plan at the moment is to arrive in Zeebrugge and then having had my first kip at sea in a very long time, get loads of miles under my belt on the first day and plough through Germany towards Austria.

Not sure of the exact route yet but will work it out, hopefully, before setting off.

Well, didn’t manage to look at detailed route but all will be ok.

Managed to cut and strim both lawns before leaving, then realised that I really should have left by now!! Had a mad panic, quick shower, quick goodbye and I was off. (forgot to put any fresh water in the water tank)

Rang P and O enroute and waffled about having trouble with the bike rack and even though check in closed at 5 I would be there about twenty past. Very nice lady told me that she would make a note of the fact but could not guarantee I would get on the ferry and might have to catch the next one !!!

Roads were clear and to cut a long story short, arrived at check in at 16.59 to be told that as the M62 was shut Manchester way, check in had been extended to 17.30.

Slept like a log on the ferry, now about 2 hours before we arrive.
Next update in Germany (hopefully) 🙂

Only just made it, but all was fine in the end x

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