Not like Camping Napoleon/Le Mablethorpe!

We had a late start to the day and eventually set off on the 55 mile final leg of the journey to Camping Notre Dame Du Verger, on the outskirts of Cancale.

The nagging feeling that the sat sav would announce ‘You have reached your destination’ in a third world looking hell hole, started to disapear the closer we got to our destination and finally evaporated when we had discovered an ideal spot, well socially distanced from the world, wifi, coastal walks and cycle lanes in both directions up and down the cornwall looking coast.

The only fly in the ointment appeared when we found out that there was no dogs on the isolated beach but I reckon early morning and late evening beach walks might be ok? We will see, about killed Beau seeing the sea and not being able to galavant into it.

We have sampled the cider from our previous stop (very nice) plus had a coastal walk and just about to get the Barbie on.

The late afternoon came to a closure with Al muttering the enlightening words “You did good for a change…. for a change”

Please take note of all the space, Kidlets, avoiding the Frenchies like the plague 🙂

All titified with fruit for the drinkies 🙂
Tipple Table, there is a theme here somewhere?
400 metre walk to the beach but loads of space 🙂

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