New Years Eve Oz 2016/17

The celebrations started with the setting up of our Ang’s ’60’ balloons, the opening of pressies and ‘a bit of a tea’ This was followed by more chill out time, pool time and in my case ‘siesta time’ This was then followed by a military style operation loading all the booze ( enough to sink a small battleship…. well, a small ferry operating out of  Manly Wharf) we all set off for Manly. We had got our unique wrist bands for the trip, earlier that day ( arr Dan got em) so it was just a case of settling into the Bavarian Bar on Manly Wharf until it was time to board. The amount of alcohol we were taking with us plus loads of nibbles cooked by Alison ( Shaun’s Alison) would truly be enough to trouble even the most hardy pack animals! We eventually boarded and headed off towards the Opera House and the bridge. A nice moment was the whole of the lower deck joining in with us as we sang Happy Birthday to our Ange, it.s fair to say she was dead chuffed. By the 9 o’clock display it was fair to say that we were all tipsy and as the midnight/ New Years fireworks started, virtually all of the passengers had hit the dance floor at one time or another.

The fireworks were truly amazing and everyone was in agreement that it had been the best way to see a New Year in…….ever!  (More pics to follow)

The next step of our brill hols is a flight up to Brisbane (Shaun & Alison’s) where we would be spending 2 nights before getting an early bus to Frazor Island……. watch this space.

New Years Eve Oz 2016/17
New Years Eve Oz 2016/17
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