Moved northwards along the coast – Kamp Adriatik and the Island village of Primosten.

Amidst the pouring rain we left our campsite about 7km from Split and headed along the coast, for about 20 miles, the more we travelled the more the blue skys appeared and the grey thundery clouds were left behind.

we arrived at Kamp Adriatik and once pitched up and sorted, it was soon clear that this was the sort of Croatia that we had been expecting. Quiet and peaceful, right on the coast, plenty of shaded areas if required, bliss.

Decided to just chill, had a bit of a sunbathe, swim, out in the kayak, saw a huge shoal of big fish through the transparent floor of the kayak but about 20 feet down, might try some fishing later on.

Finished off the evening with Thai Chicken Curry and sampled (a small bit) of Kee’s Sloe Gin in Keith and Christine’s van.

Plan for tomorrow is to have a bit of a bike ride into a lovely island village just down the road and maybe a bike ride in the opposite direction along the coast?

The following morning we decided to bike to the beautiful island village of Primosten, what a beautiful place, talking to the locals and it was the general opinion that the best times to visit were May and September but possibly September as the sea is still warm and most of the tourists have gone home.

Was going to stay here for the 2 days but decided to have a third day before pushing on to Kamp Bear and a visit to Plavice lakes which are about 2 hours inland.

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