Mooloolaba (en-route from Fraser to Brisbane to Sydney)

We got dropped off at Mooloolaba by our brill driver, Martin, who dropped us outside the Mooloolaba Beach Backpackers which we had pre booked and were’nt disappointed. £20 each per night including brekkie, nice and clean with free use of paddle boards and surf boards. Me and Chris tried the paddle boards, I was crap, Chris was good.

The weather in Mooloolaba had been terrible but we were so lucky and missed most of the rain, that night we all went for a Thai meal apart from Chris who gave it a miss as he was pooped. Possibly due to no sleep on Fraser and too much beer? 

The following day Lou, Beth and our Al hit the beach as me and Chris tried Paddle Boarding. 

Then it was lunch followed by a visit to the water park  by me, Chris and Al.

The night was rounded off by several beers, a card game called ‘shit head’ (I couldn’t pick it up fast enough and the Kidlets were getting fed up with me) and pizza/Thai take away.

After a good nights kip we got a bus back to Brisbane where Shaun, Ryan and Kee met us to say goodbye before we jumped on our flight back to Sydney.

Plan for Sydney is meet back up with our Sheen, Dan, Ange, Milly and Enna, have more food, one last stay at the brill rental house before we enjoy our last day in Oz. ( not uploaded Beth’s pics yet, more to come)

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