Milano to Treviso (Casale Sul Sile) and on into Croatia

Well, I’m getting ahead of myself here as I had a right good kip at Milano, didn’t bother having a look round as wanted to push on.
Planned Trieste into the sat nav even though I knew I wouldn’t make it that far and ended up pulling off the route by about 3 miles at a free parking place belonging to an Italian Restaurant but you’re not obliged to use it and it’s secure with flood lighting…… win win.
I arrived at Casale Sul Sile about 2 ish and as Traviso was 7km away I was soon meandering round there getting lost.
Plan of attack for the rest of the day is explore Traviso a bit more then back to the van and get ready for an early start, just got to avoid the motorways in Slovenia and all will be well.
Next update, hopefully, Croatia, over 300 miles away!!


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