Long weekend in Berlin

Well, this place surprised us. We had purposely not really researched much about it but relied on information mainly from Kee and Beth who had both been.
We had expected German precision, ultra organised, ultra efficient, everything in its place where it should be.

We had a pleasant surprise when it turned out to be a total miss mash of cultures, ideas, new and old all thrown together.

We had a guided bike tour and the young Aussie who was the guide, described Berlin as a Jigsaw, but not one jigsaw, several, all fitted together the best they could.

We spent most of our time in and around East Berlin, Alexander-Platz.
Our hotel, which was amazing and cheap, was a bit too far out really but we soon realised that 3 stops on the underground then a half hour train ride took you straight into the centre of Alexander-Platz.

Our best idea over the whole weekend was the cycle tour, even though we stopped off at dinner time for some expensive food and a stein, the information that we gleaned from the guide was a godsend and apart from giving us some good ideas of where to go and what to do, the Aussie (David) also armed us the extra maps and ideas for the rest of our stay.

Everywhere you look, there is construction work going on, but this does not deter in any way from the appeal of Berlin, its definitely not a beautiful city like Paris or Rome but it is very interesting and intriguing in many different ways.

Some, but not all, must see places, include :-

The TV tower, we didn’t actually get up but the views are supposed to be amazing, we went up a different building which had a viewing platform and cheaper (forgot the name of it!)

Alexander Platz, wonderful place to chill and watch the world go by, or in my case, the Euros.

Cycle Tour, situated in the middle of Alexander Platz, should really have been on top of this list. It covers, Hitlers Bunker (bit of a surprise here) Areas of the Berlin Wall, Site of the infamous book burning, various and numerous old and new buildings, including the rebuilding of the Berlin Palace.

The memorial to the Jews of Germany (won’t say much about this, experience for yourselves)

East Side Gallery, I really enjoyed this, its a train ride away from Alexander Platz but well worth it and I wish we had time to explore this area a bit more as it was a really quirky area with loads of different restaurants and pubs and a LOT cheaper than the Alexander Platz area.

As my memory is shite, I can’t recall everything but every time we stopped, it was so interesting as we were told of different aspects of Berlin

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit and are definitely going to visit again in the camper, maybe in 5 years time?

If you are one of my many readers (I think there are about 5 of you) if you are unsure wether or not to visit Berlin, just due it, you won’t regret it.

Main tip, try and get a hotel near to Alexander Platz, do the Cycle Tour and find time also to explore the area near to the East side gallery


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