Last morning at the Myne Resort, heading back to Koto Kinabalu.

Our last morning at Myne Resort so I got up early for a gander before breakfast, was out at 6 with my Macaque scaring stick/ Orangutan fending off stick, just in case. Saw loads of Macaque fighting and playing in the trees but to far off for a photo, also loads of crashing about in the jungle high up but couldn’t see what was causing it, brekkie at 8 then check out and half hour drive to cave visit and about ten feet thick of bat shit!

Been to cave, details later, it was deeper than ten feet!

It had been a half hour journey to the ‘Birdsnest Cave’ and definitely not our cup of tea. There is a boardwalk walk of about ten mins, slightly above the jungle floor before you got to the cave opening, the smell of bat and swift droppings hit you long before the cave came into view. The cave itself was very impressive ( or so I thought) but you had to negotiate several mangey looking dogs lounging on the boardwalk and once you got there you were faced with 100’s of cockroaches crawling all over the place, dung beetles rolling an ever increasing pile of shit off to their tiny homes, rats scuttling across this huge pile while at the same time dodging the shit from above that was destined to increase this huge mound. ( this wasn’t in the brochure 😀)

Apparently this huge pile is not removed as the smell helps guide the birds and bats back again each year.

What is so special about the cave…. Well, the nests are built by the swiftlets and they are all held together by their spit and is concidered a delicacy. There is security everywhere and we couldn’t work out ( excuse the pun) why this shit hole was so heavily protected, there was actually a hut sat directly on this huge pile of shite and a man lived in it for ten days before changing shift, what a shit job!

Anyway, the nests are harvested in April, August and December as the swifts have finished with their nests and the new lot built new nests, a nest in good condition is worth £1000 😳

We said our goodbyes to Patrick of Borneo and gave him a bit of dosh and told him to keep an eye out for Kee and Lou who we were sure would be coming this way at some point. ( but giving the cave a miss)

Now back in our air conditioned room where we intend to chill for a while then nip out for a few drinkies and a meal.

…………. Several drinks, Thai (again) now up and packed ready for flight back to Kuala Lumpur (2  1/2 hrs) then flight to Langkowi (1 1/2 hrs) next update Langkowi 🌞🌞🌞


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