Well, these pictures below about sums this place up, idyllic, peaceful, relaxing and just what is needed to finish off our 5 week adventure. We plan to do very little but will update again later 😀🌞🍺🍷

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Six days have absolutely flown by, they have mainly consisted of lovely breakfasts, sun beds and umbrella on the beach outside our room, homemade BnC and Captain Robert Whiskey. Evening walks, Thai, Lobster and the occasional burger meals washed down with Tiger Beer.

This regime was only punctuated by a 5 hour trip round the island on a moped where we went on a cable car called the ‘Sky Ride’ not Al’s favourite moment until we got to the top and got off. What amazing views of the surrounding islands, reminded us of the 12 Apostles in Australia! We also spent a similar length of time island hopping where Al thought we had been abandoned but the encounter with the Brahminy Kites and Sea Eagles on the way back more than made up for the feelings of being marooned, luckily we discovered a Wilson football on the beach but it wasn’t needed 😀

Overall, most activities were dismissed as we relaxed and chilled, a lovely place.



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  • Chris elliott

    What a great way of finishing your holiday off’, beach looks fantastic. so pleased you have had a great time. safe trip home. we have enjoyed following your travels xxxxx

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