Kuala Lumpur

We got two MRT trains to the airport, was quite easy, even being loaded up (next time it’s going to be a huge bag/case on wheels) the flight was delayed by half an hour due to the airport in Kuala Lumpur being too busy. We landed ok, not struck by lightening this time! Oooops, wasn’t supposed to mention that, only jokin Kee! !
We jumped on a bus as adviced by Squeel and it cost us £2 each to travel for over an hour to yet another station, then we payed an extortionate £5 to get to the hotel.

We pulled up and a bell boy took our bags.. I kept my eye on him!!
The hotel was just top rate, our room was completely self contained complete with kitchen dining area, lounge area, luxury bathroom and a huge bed with a big flat screen tv!
Honestly, the distance from the entrance door to the back of the kitchen is longer than the length of our bungalow!!

I am now laid in bed with the complementary robe on (look like a right gay lord) with BBC News on the box and enjoying a nice cuppa.

It’s now just gone 1 am so bed time as we are shattered, plan for the morning (if we get up) swim in the roof top pool at 7 followed by breakfast then out to explore.
( reading between the lines, means rushing down to breakfast at the last minute as we didn’t get up, and eventually getting out at gone 11) …. We will see?
Here’s Al just about to zonk for the night x x


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