Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu (Borneo)

Up at 5.15, 5 min walk to airport, all bags dropped off and sorted in record time, hour to spare before boarding, boarded early…. 40 min delay ‘unscheduled maintenance’ 😳

Al asleep, me, fed up, no in flight movies, what’s all that about?!? Me and Al will have o talk to each other between the nodding 😀

Actually found an iPad app that allows for blogging offline, Al was so pleased. Just noticed, there are loads of local people wearing what looks like puffa jackets!!! Me and Al are sat in shorts and tee shirts and even then I feel a bit on the warm side, what’s up with these nesh Kuala Lumpians?…….. still sat on the tarmac, joining Al for a kip.

Eventually took off about half an hour late, they have just announced that they will be serving pre booked meals followed by the sale of food and beverages and that no outside food is permitted….. me and Al just wolfing down some Timtams!

Flight was pretty straightforward and SHORT at 2 hrs 15 mins, there was a chap waiting for us with our names on a card, I wanted to take a picture of him but Al said ‘don’t give me a red face’

We are now transferring essential Borneo stuff to one bag only and are then off out to explore, local time is half 12 on Monday afternoon.

Had a lovely gander around, bought some long sleeved tops, long bottoms and anti leech socks ( as advised by the trip organiser. Went into the adjoining shopping Mall that seems light years ahead of anything we have got. Al had a neck and shoulder massage ( best she’s ever had) and I had a foot rexlexology massage, slightly painfull but soooo gooood.

Rounded off the evening with a lovely meal and 2 for 1 drinkies, Cuba liber and a Kinabalu sling? tasted of grenadine and other strong drinks?

We waited for the sunset and even though cloudy, was pretty impressive, visited a near equally as impressive night market before heading back to the hotel. Now back in the hotel, re packing and bed, ready for a 5.15 start 😳

To my reader(s) maybe no updates for a while, heading for the jungle.

Kota Kinabalu ( Borneo)
Kota Kinabalu ( Borneo)
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