Kuala Lumpur

Arrived in KL virtually bang on time, tried to find ‘lost and found’ to see if we could get Al’s hat back which she left on the previous Kuala Lumpur – Langkowi flight………but we couldn’t find it!

Quick change and dumped our gear and got a taxi down to ‘China Town’ a cross shaped row of market stalls and street food type eateries. Lovely meal and Tiger beer but couldn’t believe how much prices had risen from our last visit, it now compared with UK prices. 2 large beers, sizzling beef dish, garlic prawns, black pepper chicken and veg fried rice (all small dishes) about £21.

We were soon back in our room as we were pooped, looking forward to tomorrow, visit up the Patronas Tower at dinner time and a meal later in the revolving restaurant of KL Tower. 

Up at half 8, brekkie then an hour in and by the pool before ganning out for our trip up the twin towers. Must say, it was very impressive, the bridge between the two towers is not actually attached so it can move and expand as required, bit weird as you were stood there hundreds of metres up and you could feel it moving ever so slightly.

We then got a train into the middle of the city and visited the central market, dead good just to meander around. 

Two massages and a pedicure and manicure for Al later, we were back in the room getting ready for our meal in the revolving restaurant in KL Tower.

Well  worth it, brill views and brill food, now back in the room again, possible plan for tomorrow, open top hop on hop off bus tour/ pool, not sure yet.

Had a chilled out morning in and next to the pool, we had seen a hop on, hop off bus knocking about so we asked the hotel and were informed we were better off using their own transport (much more expensive) as the bus didn’t call everywhere and concentrated on the City sights.

We got on the hotel transport, sharing with a young Aussie couple at one for a 4 to 5 hour tour, every stop we visited was accompanied by the aforementioned hop on, hop off bus!!

By about half past 3 we had had enough sooted the driver that we had already seen the rest of the tour and made our escape towards central market, with the intention of getting a drink and something to eat.

Cutting a long drawn out story, very short, we got lost, couldn’t find a decent place to eat and drink, got hot and bothered and ended up getting a taxi back to the hotel and eventually got something to eat at the airport while waiting for our plane.
Not our best day of the holiday possibly because we really weren’t looking forward to our long flight back home.

We tried our best to like Kuala Lumpur but we both agreed that it just wasn’t the sort of place that you took to quickly, maybe if you could visit and explore the place over several visits it would grow on us but when you can also stop off at Singapore, why bother?

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