Well peeps, having had a lovely trip to Krabi at the front of the boat we jumped a taxi and headed for a place right next to the beach about 40 mins from Krabi Town itself. We had booked nowhere but managed to talk to a young German couple who where staying at a place right on the beach and they had stayed there before and told its it was nice and clean with air con wifi and tv…. and cheap…. I was sold.

We checked in, dumped the bags, stuck stuff in the safe and headed to the beach, about three hours later, returned to the room having overdone the sunbathing a bit but as we got ready for a walk into town, it absolutely pissed down, so a bit of good timing!

Now about half four and just going to have a walk along the beachfront before we go and hunt down some more fab Thai food!!

Well, didn’t really go to plan as it is now just gone half past eight and Al fast asleep, she was a bit tired!! (As our Una would say)

we had a long walk, looked in loads of shops then stopped at a bar for a drink, we then decided to go to another bar which turned out to do the best Lamb curry I have ever had, Alison had some Chinese fishy thing?

3 B&c’s a shot and some beer later we were on our way back with Alison looking really tired and to top it off, had hiccups as well?

Now going to download all the rest of the pics which won’t take long as nearly up to date and then just chill in the room, taxi tomorrow at ten to the airport and then flight to Bangkok, even though I am typing this daily, it still seems surreal that we are visiting all these places and seeing so much of other people’s lives that we knew nothing about and experiencing first hand the wonderful places that they live!!

If I wake up I intend to Skype the Kidlets but at the moment it is 2 pm on a snowy Thursday there and everyone busy doing there thing x x x x


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