Krabi to Bangkok

Not been able to update the last Krabi post so getting a bit ahead of myself.
It’s now about an hour before we board the plane for Bangkok, the plan for today is a bit vague but we are hoping all goes to plan. We intent to arrive in Bangkok and either ring the train station or take a Tuk Tuk ( not a tut tut) if its not too far.
We have provisionally booked the overnight train to Chaing Mai but the return email said absolutely nothing other than showing an ID number, we are hoping that that means we are booked on as they have stopped doing Internet bookings for some reason or other?
Now sat in the airport cafeteria type place having a cuppa and some cake, as Al is worried that I am losing too much weight on this trip! (Photos lie!!!)
I will keep updating this post as I am doing it off line on Al’s iPad, right up to landing or impact, whichever comes first! (Joking Squeel…jeeeze louiiissee)

Landing came first, managed to get a taxi from the airport, 500 Bht, feel ripped off but that seemed to be the going rate, was just over an hours drive though.
Before we left I managed to book the overnight train to Chaing Mai so there would be no messing about, even had a message telling me that they had sent an email with a confirmation ID and payment was due when we collected the ticket. (Didn’t check if email had arrived as was going out!) went to the ticket office and they asked me for our ID number, didn’t have it as the return email was blank, all sleeper places were booked up, all that was left was a third class non recliner up right seat in a fan compartment, didn’t seem too bad until the girl from the information desk told us that it was the slow train and could occasionally take 17 hours!!

Al said “never mind Kev, these things happen, fancy you making a mistake and not checking that we actually had an email confirmation, bless you” …… Or something similar! Seemed really happy to be sat up straight in 3rd class with no room for any bags and plenty of time to take in all the wonderful scenery once it got light!?

Luckily our other option was a bus with a toilet that only took eight hour, we went to the booking office and the bus was available but the bloke mentioned that there might be a place on the 7.00pm sleeper! After several phone calls he informed us that there were two places available at a total of 2500 Baht all in but we would have to wait for a bloke on a motorbike to bring the ticket! We took it, second class with air conditioning and not far from the food carriage (that swung it for me) While we were waiting, as if by magic, a piece of paper appeared which Al had happened to see a young lass in the corner write out! and we were all sorted on our first ever overnight train journey!!

Now just had Pad Thai and a Thai Green Curry between us and a couple of Chang beers as we wait for two hours for the train to appear.

Both looking forward to the journey, met a bloke who was sat next to me with his Thai wife and lovely little nineteen month old daughter and he told us to dump our bags in our sleeping compartment and make our way as soon as we could to the food carriage as it was a real experience with people drinking, smoking and even playing musical instruments as you zipped along with the windows open….. So that’s the plan. X

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