Ko Lanta

We got on the boat ok and it only took about an hour, on the way we got speaking to a local who was touting for business and the brochures he had and the prices looked amazing so we decided to book with him and the trip to the apartments was also included!

Photos can lie, the room itself was clean and seemed ok but the beach and the pool and general resort area looked jaded and seemed to cater for the lager lout crowd, overall it just didn’t match up to our expectations. the place was called the Blue Adaman Resort, one to miss I think.

The following morning I hired a bike for two hours as we had to check out at 11 and had a ride round to find somewhere decent, I managed to find a lovely place called The Bee House which was two beaches away and really felt like a little piece of paradise with a lovely big amazing looking beach.

On our last day on Koh Lanta Al was trying to convince me to have my first ever Thai massage, I wasn’t too sure but ten mins later Al said come on, it’s your turn!

It was the most painful but also ultimately relaxing thing I have ever experienced, at times I was on the verge of shouting out but just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped for a second and transferred his torture methods to another area. I wish We had the camera with us because I pulled some amazing facials!!
Once recovered, we decided to hire a moped and take a tour of the island, we stopped off half way round and had some more amazing Thai food and a fruit smoothie.
Two hours later we were back on our veranda overlooking the sea.
We spent the rest of the day with two deck chairs about a metre from the sea waiting for the sun to go down, I was hoping for a cloud free picture of the amazing sunset but a few clouds got in the way of my plans. Lee (who is taking the year out with Nicki) walked past and said Hi as they were staying in a place next to ours, looked better and was cheaper as well! They have managed to get me and Al thinking……. Maybe next time we can turn six weeks into a year!!!??  Lee mentioned a place 5 mins walk up the beach where they put mats on the beach, added candles and you were entertained by a Thai young men throwing fire all over the place, sounded good so about two hours later were were laid out on the mats drinking a bucket of B&C!!
We then had yet another Pad Thai ( Al had a fish dish) and walked back along the beach to our digs, a little bit unsteadier than our outward journey!
This morning we had time for a cuppa, packed all the gear and we are now on a boat headed to Krabbi via a couple more islands to pick up and drop off people.
Me and Al have got the best seats in the house(boat) sat at the very front of the boat with our backs against the wheel house. Not sorted a place to stay yet, just for the one night as we are then flying to Bangkok.
Time now half past nine in the morning and we are just taking on and dropping off more people onto the long tails and then I think the next stop is Krabi?
Pic below, me and Al just chilling, watching the sun sink slowly below the horizon, just didn’t want to move, so peaceful.




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