Kamp Bear and Plitvice Lakes

Had a lovely run to Kamp Bear, looking at the huge mountain ranges along the way.
Kamp Bear is quite basic but just the job. Electric hook up, toilets and showers and a free washing machine. Plitvice lakes are about 7km away but the road is a bit busy to cycle and they have banned cycles around the lakes anyway so the plan is to nip up in the van, €10 parking all day, and have a lovely day walking around the lakes. Apparently its part walking, part bus, part ferry to get all the way round, looking forward to it. Will update on our return.

Well, I really hope you like to see waterfalls, we do!

On the plus side, the place was extremely well organised, the views were amazing and the distance covered was fantastic, walking, busses and ferry’s all included in the price.

The nly fly in the ointment was the need to follow everyone on purpose built walk ways which were great but a lot of Chinese/Japanese tourists have no clue on personal space so just stopped dead every few feet causing a built up of frustrated sight see-ers behind them.

Well worth a visit but would not like to attempt it in June,July and August, would be a nightmare.

The photos here just do not do it justice and do not capture the noise and sheer power of the magnificent waterfalls.

As we were planning an early start we thought we wouldn’t be megga late in bed, but all didn’t go to plan.

We/Alison discovered something new today. If you press the central locking button inside the van while your hubby is outside the van and the side door is wide open, it locks all the doors. If you then join your hubby outside for a drinkie all is fine….. unless you shut the side door with your arse as you carry the drinks because you think it’s getting a bit nippy and want to keep the van warm! If this happens, the side door locks as well which also is fine….. Unless your van key is inside the van 😳 Luckily Al had a spare set of keys in her bag…. inside the van ☹ Breakdown services sent a very nice man to help us out 😃


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