Jomtien Beach

Had chance to have a good look around the hotel, they have gone for an unfinished look, really weird, all the walls and ceilings are polished concrete but the view from the balcony is amazing, all the fixtures and fittings are top quality, but overall the place just looks like it needs a few thousand spending to finish off the decor.

Spent the whole day today on the beach apart from the odd foray to fetch nibbles and drinks. About two  we had a walk and found another large hotel with a nice pool and used that for a few hours before leaving to catch the sunset which again disappeared behind cloud or smog before hitting the horizon. Now about 7 pm and just chilling out in the room.

Was out about half past seven and had a walk along the beach front (forgot my camera) we found a nice bar that was playing a bit of ‘Whitney’ Al had a Pad Thai and I had a Green Thai Curry (very nice)

We sat people watching and had a few drinkies and gradually noticed the growing number of mature gentlemen on ‘golfing holidays’ with their young Thai lady friends. Who’d have thought that these young ladies would actually take an interest in golf !

The following morning we got a lift from our hotel to a local pool to just chill out. Turned out the transport was a golfing buggy and the hotel was literally 5 mins walk away, we ended up chilling and baking in the sun all day then it was back to the hotel for a well earned rest.

We ended up going back to the same place we had been to the night before as the food was great, this time it gradually dawned on us that it was some sort of pick up joint/meeting place as there were older men with younger Thai girls and boys! and even couples with young Thai girls; at one point the waiter was talking to a couple and pointing towards us but I took it as we had been rejected as nothing happened! Al said the waiter is talking to that couple behind you and pointing at us, I just whispered through my teeth “don’t look, don’t smle, they might come over!”

The place itself was lovely and it took quite some time to notice all the comings and goings, the smiley waiter took our photo at the table, below before we had a nice walk along the beach then bed, ready for our last day and the Taxi to Bangkok.













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