Its nearly that time of year again!

Tomorrow, we head out and call at Sherwood Pines to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a real Christmas tree!

But I’m not one to moan!!

The script normally involves all members of the family with all the kids missing, this year it just won’t be the same! I miss my offspring! The little angels!  Laura just changed that last bit! What I was going to say was it involves a lot of too green, not green enough, too skinny, too bushy, too flat on the left, too tall, not tall enough, not straight enough etc etc etc.

Having used up about an hour of our lives, we eventually settle on a previously disguarded specimen that is always ‘the best one yet’

Bung it on the back of the camper/top of the car and have a well deserved hot chocolate and mince pie

This year, no kidlets but we have a guest appearance from our Une/Mum/Nanna. (Lou managed to finish work and came to help pick the tree but stayed behind the camera)

Trouble is, Une/Nanna will probably forget which ones we have already inspected and we’ll go round again!!

Went quite well, not as big a selection as last year thank god, went through the too green, too big, too thin etc etc routine and eventually bagged a corker (best yet)….. we say that every year!

Got home and got the decorations out and picked the four sets of lights out of the box, mummbled to my self quite loudly “christ knows how I am going to separate these 4 sets”
Lou said “It shouldn’t be that hard, they all came off in one!!!”

Sorting the lights beat me and Al and Lou took over and they were sorted in no time at all (about an hour and a half)

Eventually, tree sorted, decorations up and everything away, job done. Yo Ho Ho

More tree pics can be seen on our Smugmug site HERE

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