Australia, Borneo, Langkawi Done/Back at home

The flight home was straight forward but me and Al couldn’t check in online as early as we would have liked so we ended up in two middle seats wedged between a lovely asian lady on my side and an american chap on Al’s side who somehow managed to sleep for most of the trip.

Unfortunately the two highlights of the 13 hour + flight was an old chap coughing and spluttering over everyone, 3 rows behind us and a low life Canadian who really embarrassed his two young sons by trying to use chewing tobacco as soon as the flight took off, they were mortified, bless em and pleaded with their dad to spit it out which he duly did!

Al noticed that he kept disappearing up the front of the plane for a beer then would then go to the back the plane for a beer and alternate between them. Several hours later as we were trying and failing to nod off, I noticed that he was absolutely hammered, there was no way he was in any sort of condition to look after the kids, they just sat there with their headsets on trying to pretend he wasn’t there.

We arrived back in London at 5.15 in the morning and at minus 4 we just couldn’t believe how cold we were! A trip across London, hour and a half train journey and being picked up by our Ange at Newark…. later, we were back home after this amazing trip that we didn’t want to end.

By 4.00 am the following morning, we were wide awake, lounging on the settee with our jimjams and a blanket watching back to back episodes of Holby City and Last Tango in Halifax. We were home.

Even Beau had resumed her normal position as though we had never left.

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