Got my first clue on my birthday and its now the 17th and still not worked it out.

Clue 1

This magnificent wonder is famous for the setting of a series of films. We will be up at 4am to see the sunrise over this Great Wonder!!! Big clue…. it’s not Ayes rock…!!!

Solved 12.30 17/10/12

I spent ages looking at natural wonders of the world and trying to link them to two films but got nowhere, then started to look at man made wonders.
I listed as many man made wonders as I could find and started to try and link them to films with one sequel. One of the man made wonders was a place called Angkor Wat which was built by the Khmer Dinasty?
I then looked up films set in Angkor Wat and up popped Lara Croft – Tomb Raider! It also had a crap sequel and was filmed in Angkor Wat Cambodia!!!!
Clue No1 —- CAMBODIA!!!(I didn’t cry at all, as I am not a wuss!!)

The answer to my first clue!


















Clue 2

In this City, we will experience a well known drink in the hotel that it was made famous? (this was one of the easier clues)

Solved in about 10 seconds Couldn’t think of a drink named after a city, apart from ‘Singapore Sling’

Yes! Off to Singapore!!! How amazing is that!! Got loads of research to do, didn’t actually realise how far Combodia was from Singapore so maybe not visiting the two places in that exact order??

The Singapore Skyline













Clue 3

We will climb 309 steps to reach this sacred site named after the mountain it is located on.

(Thank You Google) Found it in 5 mins but still does not seem real, thank you thank you thank you thank you is no way near good enough, but I have to start somewhere…..

No trip to Chiang Mai would be complete without visiting Wat Phra Thart Doi Suthep; the spectacular Buddhist temple that can be seen, from wherever you happen to be in the city, clinging to the mountainside near the summit of Doi Suthep.

Doi Suthep hill has been seen as a holy place for more than twelve hundred years. The original inhabitants, the Lua, believed that the souls of their ancestors resided on the hilltop. When Buddhism was embraced by the Siamese people, the hill became the epicentre of the universe, and the centre of Buddhism in Lanna.
The temple was built in the late 14th century under King Geu Na, and attracts many pilgrims and tourists, both local and international, throughout the year.

Overlooking Chiang Mai from its lofty perch, some 3,500 feet (1,053 meters) above sea level, the temple is best visited on days free of cloud or heat haze; the view of the city, and the Ping valley beyond, is breathtaking.

The temple lies roughly 15 kilometres from the city, and can be reached by road. From the car park across the road from the temple there are two ways of approaching this holy shrine: on foot, if you are fit enough to climb the 309 steps up an almost vertical Naga (serpent) staircase, or by the small cable car (20 + 20 Baht). Most people choose the latter.

Clue 4

I received this clue through the post, sent by Kee, (cried again… Wuss!!)

We will trek through the rainforest, past waterfalls and Native Villages to see this rare flower……. ?

Took me seconds to guess, only because Kee and Lou had traveled the exact same route while they were traveling.

We are off to Malaysia!!!! Al booked it all as well as a stay in Kuala Lumpur!! the intention of visiting the Cameron Highlands once we have seen the flower.

One slight problem, its the wrong time of year and the flower might not be there! Al had also planned for us to go to Pulau Perhentian Islands,  flight booked and everything but Kee rang to say that is was monsoon season and the islands are closed (how they larfffed)

So we would have been visiting this amazing place, above but I am sure other sights, sounds and places will more than match this beautiful place. x

Thing is, it doesn’t matter, to me, actually traveling in Kee and Lou’s footsteps with Alison and seeing all the wonderful sights within the rain forest is the main attraction. I think actually seeing or not seeing a stinking flower at the end of it isn’t that important. In fact I can remember Lou mentioning this flower and seeing the pics on facebook and Lou did say that it wasn’t that impressive.

Still cannot believe this is going to happen!!!! Love you so much my Mitton x x x















CLUE 5: For one night only your and Mum will take a different mode of transport in an area that was voted to be one of the seven wonders of the world- Hope you can get through the gap!! (You will if you lose a few pounds)

Worked it out!! Only going to Halong Bay Viet Naammmm!!!!!   Going to spend the day and a night on a junk as well as Kayaking through some gaps in volcanic rocks to look at some amazing ancient caves.

Clue 6
The following symbols are marked from A to Z. Use each picture to decipher the letter in the sentence
A            B             C              D            E             F             G             H             I              J            K            L              M            N             O

P              Q             R             S             T             U           V             W            X             Y              Z

Your clue reads as follows, Happy deciphering:

Clue reads “You and Alison are going Island Hopping in Thailand”

I have the amazing choice of visiting islands to the east or to the west of Thailand, both look amazing, not a clue yet where to head for!!!!  Phi Phi? Koh Pangan? Who knows!!!!








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