My amazing Presents!!

The main reason for reviving this blog is to permanently record the fact that I am so lucky to have a wonderful wife and an amazing family, one week before my 50th birthday! (Yes, 50th!!) We all got together as a family (apart from Chris who was on Skype) and celebrated my birthday breakfast.

What I didn’t know at the time was the amazing presents I would be receiving on that same morning, a week early. I really thought that we were just going to have a lovely breakie, full English with champagne, the works!

We finished breakfast and tried to get in touch with Chris (still in bed) so we chilled for a while (with Kee on her game, tracking him down)

Tried Chris again, (still in bed) eventually he was found and appeared on Skype while our Ryan was on speakerphone as I was presented with a present from all the kidlets.

I put the box on my knee and decided to close my eyes and unwrap it, once I had been told to turn it over so I could see it properly, I opened my eyes……

No surprise here for the family: I blubbed like a baby, they had all chipped in and bought me a new Nikon 3100 SLR Camera!! I was amazed, delighted, over the moon, dead chuffed and all those things all wrapped into one. I really am so lucky to have such wonderful kidlets, little did I know what was to happen next and how this wonderful gift would definitely be involved in what was to happen next.

The next few minutes blew me away and I am sorry if I in any way seemed subdued ‘Our Al’ it was more about not being able to take it all in. You said you had beat me when it came to our 50th presents, and I really could not see how that could be true, biking in Kenya with some amazing like minded ladies, a lovely surprise of seeing our Lou back from her travels and your surprise party with that amazing cake!!

Well, you did beat me, hands down and the only way to record what happened is to first repeat your own words that explained so much but left more surprises to come.

To My Very Own FP, Swanduck, Mitton, Shitfa etc etc etc

 Wishing you an early Happy Birthday my Angel, for the 15th Oct 2012

Ten years ago you received this very same box with lots of rugby clues, which would have meant you went to New Zealand to watch the Lions.

 Unfortunately you never made it!!! Instead, you chose a different route and studied hard to become a teacher, gaining a 2:1- how proud we all are of you.

 Ten years on, you are now the big 50 and to celebrate you reaching this magnificent milestone I thought I would book us a little holiday – Yes, I’m coming and its booked!!

 Our lovely kids worry that we never spend time together and it’s our greatest wish to live under the same roof for more than two days. So I think we should put it to the test and see how long we can put up with each other.

 Over the next 11 weeks you will be receiving random clues to our destination – it’s your job to solve them!!



 Oh I forgot to mention in all of my rambling – we leave on Thursday 27th December 2012 and come back on Saturday 9th February 2013

 I love you so much, your Alisoni


Six weeks away!! Unknown destination!! Stunned, Amazed, Thrilled, Apprehensive, Amazed again! Deleriously Happy. Even as I type this, it still feels surreal, if I spend the rest of our lives together doing my utmost to make you happy, it won’t be enough. I had my heart set on Skeggy but it’s ok. Where ever we are going I am sure it will be amazing and we will both make the best of it and create, in Keely’s own words ‘A holiday of a lifetime’

So, to start this blog rolling and start recording not only this trip together but all our other adventures on our own and as a family, as yet not dreamed of or thought up. I want to say how much I love you Alison Wild and also you lot, Kee, Lou, Chris and Beth. Not forgetting our Ryan, love you too, but in a manly sort of brief hug punch to the shoulder sort of way.


 (And I didn’t mention Beau once! Shit, I just did!)

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