Helicopter Ride-Darling Harbour- Posh Meal

We had the most amazing day/night and were like a pair of nodding dogs travelling back to Manly on the ferry.

The day started early-ish as we were flying at 10.30, we arrived on time and the first thing that was said to us straight after the safety briefing was ‘who wants to sit next to the pilot?’ I volunteered my services straight away and was rewarded by the most fantastic views of Sydney. We met a lovely couple from the Manchester/Liverpool area and shared the cost of a taxi back to Sydney. Once in Sydney we spent the whole day meandering and visiting various ‘Happy Hour’ bars before also calling into China Town for a gander. We then found the restaurant in Darling harbour and had the most amazing  three course fish meal we have ever had (thanks kidlets)

Two very rides and a taxi ride later, we were tucked up back in bed…… knackered. A long exhausting but totally worth it sort of day.

Helicopter Ride-Darling Harbour- Posh Meal
Helicopter Ride-Darling Harbour- Posh Meal
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