Healthy Eating…..Again!!!

It is now time to try and get fit and go somewhere where I haven’t been for many years.

Where’s that I hear you ask (Talking to myself here)

I haven’t had a healthy BMI for years,

I haven’t felt good about the way I look, for years.

I haven’t  had more than about 10% of my clothes that fit me, for years

This is my first post in the “Health’ category. So I have a weekly ongoing record of my success or failure that I can refer to, to either spur me on or alternatively record yet another failure?

Time will be the judge.

To start the ball rolling, here is a graph of my weight over the year, makes me laugh every time 🙂


My next post will include my start weight as well as my weight after the first week.

Hello to all my 2016 readers………. Me

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