Ha Noi

Eventually landed at Ha Noi airport, a bloke approached us and said “Airport Taxi”

We said ok how much? Seemed reasonable so we jumped in. It wasn’t until we had travelled a few miles, Al said “you sure he’s a Taxi?, I didn’t see any sign on the car? I wasn’t worried up until that point, we travelled along feeling that our next turn would be up a back alley and our demise but after a few questions and the taxi driver telling us about his wife and lovely 5 year old daughter, he didn’t seem the murdering kind and he also gave us his taxi card for the return leg!

Washed and changed at the hotel we found a market that specialised in car boot type tat and winter coats, loads of people were eating at small stalls so we thought we would investigate. They were cooking some kind of meat on a BBQ and everyone was getting stuck in, was going to join in until on closer inspection, the meat returned out to be chicken(s) feet, complete with claws to pick your teeth with!


We made a hasty retreat and found a music bar that was just shutting down as it was nearly half Ten and the police crack down on anywhere open after 11! We met two lovely Danish lads, Rooney and Daniel and they told us their amazing story about buying a motorbike in Kuala Lumpar (probably spelt wrong) and their backpacking travels so far.

We eventually got to bed at gone midnight and I had some Pringles!!

Roll on Hallong Bay!

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