Goodbye Picklestabber.

Not sure if this qualifies as a family memory but good ole picklestabber has been with us all during our past adventures and tomorrow he will be leaving us for good. (unless I can pull him out myself tonight and save £57?)……. really tempted!
Hope to get the new tooth fitted before our big Asia trip, otherwise a temporary picklestabber1 will be having a trip of a lifetime, stuck on the end of a plastic plate!

All sorted, looks like picklestabber1 will be going to Asia with us, getting the permanent picklestabber2 sorted, is going to take some time.

And YES family, I am getting a clean and polish and lose weight and get my hair done and gain a dress sense and try and moan less and get my nasel hairs plucked etc etc etc x x x x x







A family Favourite, enjoy x  [display_podcast]

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