Girlies night out/Boys to see StarWars

This turned out to be a very chilled out sort of day once I had done over 40 miles on the racer with our Dan and Grub (Chris) Dan had hired a proper racer for me to try out as I had bought my helmet, gloves and cycle shoes….just in case!

We had an absolutely amazing ride and all I wanted to do was stop and take photos as the views were so amazing.

Once back at the house and recovered it was a serious case of chilling out before all the girls disappeared for a girlie night out for our Ange’s up and coming birthday, Ryan, Sean and Chris disappeared to see Star Wars, I dashed off to pick Beth up from the airport as she was returning from 2 days in Melbourne and our Dan was babysitting.

Not got a lot to say about the night out as I wasn’t there but by all accounts it was dead good.

Ange - 60
Ange – 60
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